4th November 2015

Teams N-S Vul Dealer East

S 962
H A102
D 10754
C A107

S Q3
H K73
C Q85


1D 1S 2D 2S
3D All Pass

From a recent league match.  West leads the eight of hearts which you run to your king, you draw trumps in two rounds (they split two-two) and play a spade.  West wins with jack and plays another heart which you win and play another spade which East wins with the king, cashes the heart queen and plays the ten of spades which you trump.  You are now down to just clubs and trumps in both hands.  You can afford to lose one more trick.  How do you play?

Hint  All West has shown up with so far for his overcall of one spade is AJxxx of spades.


West is likely to have the club king, so it is a question of finding the club jack and nine.  Playing a small club to the ten works if West has the KJx or Kxx.
Playing a club to the seven works if West has the K9x or Kxx.  It is difficult to say which of these is better, they are equally likely a priori.  I would try the the first line on the grounds that West is slightly more likely to overcall with the club jack, than without it.  In practice either would have worked as West had Kxx of clubs.