6th January 2016

Pairs E-W vul

S J3
C A10754

S K8
H AK102
D J109742
C 8

From a Monday night duplicate at Cheadle Hulme.

What contract do you wish to play after West has overcalled one spade and East has raised?

The answer is probably diamonds at some level, once South has opened it is difficult for North to stay out of game with a respectable thirteen count.
Most pairs played in three notrump, which wasn't successful, and five diamonds shouldn't make on the lie of the cards as West has the ace and queen of spades and East the ace of diamonds.

Four hearts is an interesting contract which was reached by one pair via the auction below.

1D 1S 2C 2S
3S Double Pass
4H Pass
Pass Pass

North's double of three spades was take out showing extra values, but no clear direction, South decided with only a single spade stop and poor diamonds to try for four hearts, knowing that it may be a four three fit.  On the lead of ace followed by queen of spades, South was able to knock out the ace of diamonds and come to eleven tricks fairly easily.  Unfortunately at Cheadle Hulme the hands are dealt at the table, so there are no hand records, so I didn't find out whether a forcing defence, playing clubs could have been successful.