16th March 2016

Another deal from the Manchester Green Point Pairs on 5th March, an opening lead problem this time.

 S  A543
 H  9853
 D  AK9
 C  76

Love All Pairs Dealer South

1C Pass
1S Pass
2C Pass 3NT

What do you lead ?


The recommended lead is the ace of diamonds.  Partner is likely to have around four or fewer high card points, so a heart lead is unlikely to set anything up and may pick up partner's queen.  Partner will give an attitude signal on the ace lead (ace for attitude, king for count) and once you have seen dummy you can decide whether to continue or to switch.  In practice dummy held 10542 of diamonds and partner signals with the eight from a holding of QJ83.  You can take four diamonds and the spade ace to defeat this contract.  On a heart lead declarer has six club and three heart tricks.  Of the sixteen tables where North declared three notrump, ten got a heart lead, one a spade lead, two the king of diamonds lead and three the ace of diamonds lead.  Only those defenders who led the ace of diamonds beat the contract.