23rd March 2016

A couple of suit play problems, one easy, the other harder but amusing.

S KQ982
S A103

1) Here you have to play this suit at no-trumps for five tricks with no entry to the dummy.

S AQ64
S J92

2) How do you play this suit for four tricks with plenty of entries to the South hand, knowing that West has length in the suit?


1) If East has Jxxx of the suit, then you can't make five tricks, but if West has Jxxx then playing the king from dummy first and the two to the ace will reveal the 4-1 split and you can finesse against West's jack.  But you must unblock the ten under the king or you will be very embarassed at not being able to run five tricks.

2) You need to find West with K1053 and East with 87 doubleton.  Lead the jack, king, ace, 7 then 9, 10, queen, 8 leaves you with 64 over 53 for the marked finesse!