11th May 2016

If partner bids Roman Key Card Blackwood and you have a void, how do you respond?

 S  AKQJ42
 H  QJ109
 D  Q104
 C  -

Non-vul vs Vul. IMPs Dealer West


Pass 1S Pass
2NT (1)
3H (2) Pass

(1) Jacoby - a good raise to four spades or more
(2) Non minimum and shortage in clubs

This hand was from the Blackburn Swiss Pairs on May 8th.  Normally you would respond five spades with this hand to show two key cards and the queen of trumps.  Here you have an undisclosed void, so the recommended response is five notrump to show an even number of key cards and a useful void somewhere.  If you have an odd number of key cards and a void, then you bid six of the void suit if it is below the level of your intended trump suit, or six of your trump suit if the void is above the level of your trump suit.

Partner's hand was

 S  98765
 H  AK8
 D  AKJ3
 C  8

So seven spades was excellent.  Amazingly opponents with twelve clubs between them (split six-six) didn't bid, giving an easy route to the grand.  Only one pair (John Holland/Brian Senior) bid this grand slam.