18th May 2016

Another Roman Key Card Blackwood problem from the Blackburn Swiss Pairs.

 S  A102
 H  AKQ103
 D  Q865
 C  6

Non-vul vs Vul. IMPs Dealer West


Pass 1H Pass
5D (1) Pass
5S Pass

(1) Zero or three key cards

After you have accurately shown your key card count what does five spades mean and what do you bid?


Normally the next suit up (ignoring the agreed trump suit) says bid six with the queen of trumps.  Here you are forced to the six level anyway, so to show the queen of trumps bid either five notrump with no side king beneath the level of your trump suit, or bid six of a suit (below the level of your trump suit) to show the queen of trumps and the side suit king, or bid six of the agreed trump suit to deny the queen of trumps.

Partner's hand was

 S  8
 H  J972
 D  AK92

So seven hearts was excellent, seven notrump also is cold, though more difficult to bid.  Only two of fourteen pairs bid this grand.