2nd November 2016

A hand from the Chester Bowl event at Deva on 23rd October.

 S  AKJ105
 H  A864
 D  AQ43
 C -

North-South vulnerable Dealer South

1D 1H Pass

How do you bid this hand after partner has overcalled the opening one diamond bid with one heart?

This is not an easy hand to bid.  You could start with two notrump showing a good raise in hearts or two diamonds if two notrump would be natural in your system.  Then a jump to five clubs would be exclusion key card Blackwood.  All this is fairly complicated and accident prone.  John Currie solved the problem by raising to six hearts, giving up on a grand slam and hoping that there would be a reasonable play for six.

Partner's hand was

 S  Q7
 H  K10732
 D  86
 C  Q963

on a diamond lead he rose with the ace, played two top hearts (they split 3-1) and then started on the spades.  The hand with three hearts also had two spades, so the diamond loser went on the third spade and slam made.  Only one other pair bid the slam.