9th November 2016

A single suit play, the solution to which surprises most players.

S AQ9432
S J5

You have to play this suit for no losers, there are plenty of entries to both hands.

And another from the Lancashire Swiss Teams on 30th October.

S 75
S Q108432

You have to play this trump suit with only one entry to dummy.


Many experts, when given the first combination, say "take two finesses what's the problem?".
Taking two finesses isn't incorrect, but after leading the jack, king, ace, small it is just as good to play East for the doubleton ten by laying down the queen as it is to take the second finesse.   This is because West's initial holdings of K106, K107, K108 are equally as likely as West's initial holdings of K87, K86 or K76.

For the second combination when you lead small from the dummy and East follows small, the queen is the correct card to play.  Finding East with AKx is your best chance.  The alternative of playing West for AK alone is less likely.

Thanks to Alan Mould for the first suit combination.