21st December 2016

S Q52

    H J84
    D AQJ5
    C K52
S J94
    S AK876
H Q962
    H A
D K732
    D 864
C A9
    C 8763
    S 103
    H K10753
    D 109
    C QJ104

Usually when looking at a printout of the deals at the end of a session it is fairly easy to see how Deep Finesse can make the number of tricks suggested in various contracts, even if it does involve dropping singleton kings off side etc.

Just occasionally it is not at all obvious how to make the number of tricks suggested.
On this deal Deep Finesse claims that South can make eight tricks in hearts.
To keep you amused over Christmas can you work out how?


The best defence is to take the ace and king of spades, then play ace and another club.  If East then gets in with the ace of trumps she can give West a club ruff and West will eventually make the queen of hearts.  To avoid this South has to win the second club, take three rounds of diamonds pitching a club and the queen of spades throwing another club, then ruff a diamond back to hand and exit with a low heart.  East can give West a club ruff now, but West will have to lead away from the queen of hearts at trick 12.  Hardly a line that would be found at the table.