15th March 2017

 S  QJ9532
 H  AKQ10973
 D  -
 C  -

Non-Vul vs Vul Matchpoints

This hand came up in a duplicate at Cheadle Hulme in February.
Complete two suiters are very rare and the text books will give you little advice about how to bid them.

However, following general principles you bid your longest suit first and open one heart.  Left hand opponent overcalls two diamonds, partner passes and right hand opponent bids two hearts, showing diamond support.  Following more general principles you bid two spades to show your next longest suit.  Left hand opponent bids three diamonds and right hand opponent raises this to the five level.  You need very little to make a contract at the five level, so you bid five hearts, left hand opponent doubles and that ends the auction.

LHO leads the ace of diamonds, partner displays a useful dummy including a singleton heart and three spades to the ten.  You ruff the diamond lead saying "that doesn't live", draw trumps and exit with a spade.  RHO confidently plonks down the club ace.  "That doesn't live either" you say and claim to their chagrin.

Five hearts doubled was only a second top, somebody managed to get doubled in four hearts.