29th March 2017

 S  KQ10973
 H  -
 D  AK6532
 C  4

Love All Dealer East


1S Pass
2C Pass

This spectacular hand is from a recent Crockford's match.  When East opens with one club you have no two suited overcall to show this hand, so you elect to start quietly with a spade overcall.  Partner, to your surprise, makes a fit showing cue bid of two clubs.  What do you bid now?


You could mess around making various slam trys, but all you are really interested in is the black aces; hopefully partner hasn't got three small diamonds, if he has then they may split two-two.  So you leap to five hearts, void asking key card Blackwood, asking for key cards excluding the ace of hearts.  Partner bids five notrumps showing one key card and you bid six spades.  Partner tables AJ42, 1085, 984, KQ3.  Unfortunately the diamonds break three-one and you lose 11 IMPs when they play in five spades in the other room.