11th October 2017

A bidding problem from the Manchester League.

 S  K72
 H  QJ10
 D  1043
 C  KQJ5

Non-vul vs Vul. IMPs Dealer West


1H Pass
3S Pass
5D Pass

You are playing two over one game forcing, so your two club call is forcing to game, partner's three spade bid shows shortage in spades and support for clubs.  What do you bid now?

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Partner has a singleton spade since he didn't cue bid four spades.  You can count five heart tricks, the ace of diamonds and presumably partner has a fifth club (or a sixth heart or the diamond king) to be bidding on over four hearts, so also five club tricks.  The twelfth trick will come from a diamond ruff in your hand after your diamonds are discarded on the fourth and fifth hearts, so you have to play the hand in six clubs, not six hearts.

After you bid six clubs partner tables x, AKxxx, Ax, Axxxx and with no foul breaks six clubs makes easily.