15th November 2017

Dealer E Love All.

S KQJ107
H 8532
D 2
C A74

S A63
H A1096


1D Pass
1S Pass
2H Pass

Cheadle Hulme Bridge Club holds a mixed pairs event annually.  Thanks to hard work and good publicity by the committee there was an excellent turn out of 17 pairs this year including some unfamiliar partnerships.

The deal above proved too difficult for the pairs who played it, with everyone playing in hearts at some level.  Even five hearts is not safe, yet six spades is very comfortable and seven spades might make on a non heart lead.  After the usual start to the bidding North raised to three hearts (forcing) and North South were locked into playing in hearts.  This is another deal on the theme of playing in good trump suits when slam is possible.  Michael Byrne suggests that two spades is the correct bid on the North hand, if played as forcing in the modern style.  South would then bid four clubs, a splinter agreeing spades followed by four notrump by North to check on key cards, then six spades.