9th May 2018

S Q94
H A852

S AK106
H J106
D 8764
C Q3

Dealer North Love All IMPs


1D Pass
1S Pass 2H Pass
3D Pass 3S Pass
4D Pass 4H Pass
4S Pass 5C Pass
5D Pass Pass Pass

The decision to play three notrump or five of a minor can be very difficult.  At pairs three notrump is often bid because if it makes it may score better than five of a minor.  At teams it is better to play in the safer contract.  On this deal both three notrump and five diamonds essentially need the diamond finesse to work.  However, here the advantage of playing five diamonds was demonstrated when the finesse failed.  Five diamonds went one off when no miracle occurred in the heart suit.  Three notrump on a club lead went three off when clubs broke seven-three.

This deal is from a first division match between St Titus and Team Mayhem.  After North had reversed, South bid three diamonds, game forcing as they play the sequence and North showed three card spade support.  South now knew that North had a singleton club and they eventually reached five diamonds.

In the other room a strong club system auction lead to three notrumps played by South.