6th June 2018

This hand is from the Swiss pairs at Deva in May

 S  KJ
 H  A5
 D  J108432
 C  AQ4

Game All Matchpoints Dealer West


1NT Pass
2C Pass
2D Pass
3C Pass

You choose to open a strong notrump with the hand above, as it would be difficult to show your hand after the sequence one diamond, one heart/spade.  After Stayman, partner bids three clubs showing five plus clubs and a four card major, forcing to game.  What do you bid?

Scroll down for solution.

For this sequence partner probably has a weakness somewhere, so playing in five or six clubs is likely to be a better chance than three notrump.  You should raise to four clubs.   Partner will bid four diamonds next and you can show your heart control with a bid of four hearts.  Partner will now bid four spades and you can bid six clubs.  His hand was AQ83, QJ107, void, KJ973.  Six clubs is an excellent contract, just losing a heart if trumps break three-two.