8th May 2019

Dealer W Both vulnerable.

S 62
H J72
C A7653

S 4
H K109
D A1084
C KQJ102


2D Pass
3C Pass
4C Pass
4S 5C Double

The opening two diamonds bid was a multi (later shown to be a weak two in spades) and East's two notrump was an enquiry.

Another deal from the Higson Cup final.  After an unconvincing auction South landed in five clubs doubled on the king of spades lead which was overtaken with the ace and the three of hearts returned, how do you play?


For East's double he should have the heart ace, also it is unlikely that West has the heart ace and king, queen of spades.  So rise with the king of hearts and draw trumps in two rounds, West discards a small diamond.  Now you need to find the diamond queen.  It looks as though West has the heart queen (East would not play a low heart from ace, queen) so East should have the diamond queen to justify his bidding.  So finesse East for the diamond queen, eventually throwing a heart from dummy on the long diamond to make the contract.  A good piece of card reading by John Holland.

In the other room West opened two spades and East was able to jump directly to four spades, silencing North-South.  Four spades drifted two off for a 12 IMP gain.