13th November 2019

 S  K985

 H  AJ985

 D  94

 C  107

S   AJ1043

H   Q1063

D   K

C    AQ8

  EW Vul. IMPs Dealer West


5D Pass Pass Pass

This deal is a defensive problem from the English Premier League in October.

Partner leads the two of spades to the five, ten and seven.  How do you defend?


Declarer may need to ruff clubs in dummy, so play back the diamond king.  Declarer wins with the ace, three from partner.  Now the seven of hearts is played to the two and ace and a club from dummy.  What do you play? 

Scroll down.

From the carding you can read declarer for a 1183 or 1174 distribution.  You need to get partner in to play another trump.  You have to play the queen now to force an entry to partner's hand.  Declarer wins with the king, but on the next club partner can play the jack and then play a trump to leave declarer with a further club loser.

The full deal.

 Dealer  W
S K985
 EW Vul  H AJ985
    D 94
    C 107
S Q62
    S AJ1043
H K42
    H Q1063
D 63
    D K
C J5432
    C AQ8
    S 7
    H 7
    D AQJ108752
    C K96

Thanks to John Roberts for reporting this deal