11th December 2019

 S  Q8

 H  QJ4

 D  J764

 C  KQ54

S   J92

H   A83

D   853

C    10984

  None Vul. IMPs Dealer North


1D Pass 2C Pass
2NT Pass 3NT Pass
Pass Pass

The Young Chelsea Bridge Club holds an IMP pairs event every Friday.  This event is well attended and attracts a fair smattering of the better London players.
On this deal South's two notrump rebid shows 15 to 19 points.  Partner leads the ace of spades (ace for attitude), so you encourage with the nine, since your jack will be a third round winner.  Partner now plays the king of spades, which spade do you play?

Counting the points it is likely that partner has nothing useful outside the spade suit.  If partner has good enough spades though you can unblock the spade jack and win the ace of hearts to play the spade two through. 

The full deal

 Dealer  N
S Q8
 None Vul  H QJ4
    D J764
    C KQ54
S AK106
    S J92
H 10962
    H A83
D 102
    D 853
C J62
    C 10983
    S 7543
    H K75
    D AKQ9
    C A7

Partner's ten and six over declarer's seven and five is just good enough!