4th November 2020

 S  K9
Dealer  E
 H  KJ96
Game All
 D  10976

 C  K72

S   Q104

H   Q74

D   AQ

C    AQ863


2S Pass Pass Pass

This deal is from the first division of the Lancashire online league.
After a brief auction, South arrived in two spades, his overcall showing five spades and at least four of an unspecified minor.
West led the jack of clubs, ducked all round and continued with the ten of clubs covered by the king and ace.  East tried to cash the queen of clubs but South trumped that with the three and played the ten of hearts, West followed with the eight showing count and this ran to the queen.
South's distribution was now known to be 5422.  East did not want to concede a ruff and discard at this point as South's heart loser would disappear, so he played a heart to West's ace.  West played another heart won in dummy as South discarded a diamond.  Then South led a diamond from dummy won by East's ace.  East now played a club, South ruffed with the five, West overruffed with the six and dummy won the trick with the nine.  After South cashed the king of spades East eventually made the spade queen for one off.

This looks like good defence.  However, in the end position below declarer could have made the contract.
If he had played a diamond to the king and then a spade to the king followed by the jack of hearts, East's trump trick would have disappeared.

 Dealer  E
 NS Vul  H J
    D 1097
S 82
    S Q104
H 3
D 85
    D Q
    C 6
    S AJ7
    D KJ

So could the contract have been beaten?
When West was in with the ace of hearts a trump return would have worked as West eventually gets a trump promotion for his eight of spades when East leads a club after winning the ace of diamonds.
Alternatively East could have afforded to give a ruff and discard after winning the queen of hearts as the defence's trumps are just good enough to generate two tricks to compensate for the heart trick lost.

The full deal was

 Dealer  E
S K9
 NS Vul  H KJ96
    D 10976
    C K72
S 862
    S Q104
H A832
    H Q74
D 853
    D AQ
C J104
    C AQ863
    S AJ753
    H 105
    D KJ42
    C 95