13th April 2022

 S  AQ104
Dealer  N
 H  QJ4
Game All
 D  K8762

 C  2

S   83

H   AK106

D   J53

C    AQ86


1D Pass
1S Pass 2S Double
3D Pass 4S All Pass

This deal is from an online matchpoint duplicate.
After the above auction, South played four spades.  The three diamond bid was described as at least three diamonds with at least the queen, forcing to three spades.

West led the eight of hearts to the queen, king and seven.  What do you do now?  What would you do if playing imps?

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North's diamond holding is critical.  If she holds AQx of diamonds you need to cash out quickly before she makes eleven tricks, on the other hand if she holds Axx of diamonds cashing the second heart will allow her to avoid a diamond loser by throwing one on the heart jack.  At imps it is clear to cash the club ace and exit with a black card in the hope that she has Axx diamonds.  However, at matchpoints you are faced with a very difficult guess.  Perhaps South would just jump to four spades with Kxxxx, xx, AQx, xxx so maybe you should defend passively, but it is a very close decision.

 Dealer  N
S AQ104
 Game All
    D K8762
    C 2    
S 5
    S 83
H 9852
    H AK106
D Q10
    D J53
C K109543
    C AQ86
    S KJ9762
    H 73
    D A94
    C J7