20th April 2022

 S  AQ874
Dealer  N
 H  75
E/W Vul
 D  K

 C  AKQ94

S   J3

H   AKJ93

D   108743

C    J


1S 2H
Pass 3C Pass
3NT Pass Pass Pass

Another deal is from an online matchpoint duplicate.
Partner dutifully leads the four of hearts against three notrump, you win with the king, declarer following with the six.  You hopefully switch to the four of diamonds which goes to the two, nine and king.  Declarer leads the remaining heart from dummy and you win with the ace declarer playing the eight and partner the two.

What do you do now?

Scroll down for analysis

Declarer clearly was trap passing two hearts in the hope of a take out double from North, he also seems to have the diamond ace.  Perhaps you can cut him off from his red suit tricks by exiting with the jack of clubs.  The layout you hope for is something like below, where you should come eventually to five tricks.

Unfortunately declarer actually held 107 in clubs, so you could not stop him getting back to his hand.

 Dealer  N
S AQ874
 EW Vul
H 75
    D K
    C AKQ94    
S K1062
    S J3
H 42
    H AKJ93
D 96
    D 108743
C 10862
    C J
    S 95
    H Q1086
    D AQJ52
    C 75