21st December 2022

 S  AJ873
Dealer  E
 H  J
Game All
 D  AQ93

 C  932

S   Q106

H   AK2

D   J1087

C    1064


Pass 1S Pass
1NT Pass 2D Pass
2H Pass Pass Pass

This deal is from the Ben Franks pairs held earlier this month.

West led the king of clubs to the two, four and seven.  He then switched to the five of spades which went to the ten and king.  Declarer now played a small heart to the jack and your king and you return a club.  Declarer wins the ace and plays the ten of hearts to partner's queen.  Partner cashes the queen of clubs, everyone following and plays the thirteenth club.  How do you defend?

Scroll down for analysis

You can see that declarer has no more losers outside trumps, if partner has the diamond king it is onside.  You have to hope that partner's trumps were originally Q9x so ruff with the ace of hearts.  You make four trump tricks and two club tricks to beat the contract.  See below for the full deal.

 Dealer  E
S AJ873
 Game All
    D AQ93
    C 932    
S 9542
    S Q106
H Q95
    H AK2
D K2
    D J1087
C KQ85
    C 1064
    S K
    H 1087643
    D 654
    C AJ7