22nd February 2023

This deal is from a congress in Australia

 Dealer S
S 4
 Love All
H AJ53
    D 1064
    C 97543

2H 3H Pass 3NT
6S Pass ?

After South opened two hearts showing five hearts and four plus in a minor with less than opening values, partner bid three hearts asking for a heart stop for three notrump.  You dutifully show your heart stop by bidding three notrump.  Partner now jumps to six spades.  What do you bid?

Scroll down for solution.

Partner clearly has enough for six spades in his own hand, yet has chosen to reach it via a circuitous route, what is he trying to ask for?  Barry Myers produced this clever sequence to show a heart loser, he wants you to bid the grand with the heart ace, but not if your heart holding is, say, KQxx.

His hand was AKQJ10xx, x, void, AKQxx


Thanks to Barry Myers for reporting this deal