25th Oct 2023

The next two deals from Raymond Semp in the recent Great Northern Swiss Pairs.

Dealer E Love All

H Q107632
C AQJ843

S J852
H AKJ854
D 107
C 2

East opens a weak two diamonds and West will bid five diamonds.
If South overcalls two hearts, then North will just have to guess well.  Seven hearts is a reasonable gamble, hoping for partner either to have the club king or singleton club or for the club finesse to be working.  It is difficult to find any scientific way to reach the grand slam.

Dealer South EW Vul

H AQ82
D 72
C J9843

S 53
D AQ10865
C AKQ106

Here after South opens one diamond, West will overcall one spade, then if North doubles East will bid four spades.
Now South will bid five clubs and North seems to have enough to raise to six clubs, with the fifth trump and good controls in the majors.  North might even be worth a bid of five spades here.

An exciting set of four consecutive boards in a Swiss Teams match.

Thanks to Raymond Semp for reporting these deals