Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 10 Solution
    S AQ    
    H J954    
    D 106    
    C 98652    
S J     S 98742
H 76
    H 10832
D J7542
    D Q93
C QJ1043     C K
    S K10653    
    H AKQ
    D AK8    
    C A7    
South plays 6S on the Queen of Clubs lead, East playing the King.  What are the East West hands for this contract to succeed?

You need E to have a 5-4-3-1 shape and for W to have singleton S.J, S.9, S.8 or S.7. Not much to hope for.  Win C.A. Cross to S.A – and behold S.J appears.  Cash H.AKQ – Hurray they are 2-4.  Cash D.AK and ruff D.8 with S.Q – Hurray E follows.  Cash H.J discarding C.7 – hurray W can’t ruff.  Now play C.2. E has S.9874 and you have K1065.  He has to insert S.7 to your S.10. Now exit S.6 to his S.8  And you have tenace of K.5 over his S.9.4.