Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 12 Solution

S Qx
H AKQ10xxxx
D Ax
S Axx
H Jx
D K10x
C Qxxxx

From a Manchester Bridge Club duplicate Oct 2005.  Craig Fisher reached 6NT from the South hand on a Heart lead.  This is a fine contract with 12 top tricks, but this is duplicate, so the overtrick is worth a matchpoint or two.  How do you play it?  

Craig cashed the black suit Aces and ran the hearts, playing for a double squeeze with East having the Spade King, West the Club King and neither able to hold the diamonds.  This failed.  I think he should run seven rounds of Hearts throwing 3 clubs and two spades.  After this he is likely to have a good idea of who is under pressure (opponents are not Garozzo and Forquet!).  In fact East held both black Kings so cashing the last heart, throwing a diamond followed by two top diamonds sets up the very rare criss cross squeeze against East.  
(North holds Qx Spades and Club Ace, South Qx Clubs and Spade Ace, East cannot keep Kx in both black suits).