Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 15 Solution
    S 10762
    H AKQ
    D QJ42
    C J2
S J83     S Q
H 975
    H J8643
D A1063     D 97
    C 109653
    S AK954
    H 102
    D K85
    C K84

Contract 4S by South on a heart lead (you have a trump loser)

This deal was brilliantly played by Michael Newman in a Northern league match August 2009.
He won the heart lead, played a spade to the Ace and a small diamond.
West could not take the Ace or Michael's clubs go on the third heart and fourth diamond.
Michael played a spade back to the King and another small diamond.
Again West could not take the Ace, but now Michael threw the diamond King on the third heart and lost 2 clubs and a spade.
A double Morton fork coup