Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 3 Solution
    S KQx    
    H Axxx    
    D 10x    
    C AJ98    
S J10xx     S xxx
H KJ10x     H x
D J     D K9xxxx
C Q10xx     C Kxx
    S Axx    
    H Qxxx    
    D AQxx    
    C xx    

North    South

1H          3NT

3NT is described as a balnced raise to 4H.  You lead a low Spade, declarer wins with the King, partner showing an odd number and plays Ace and another heart, partner following once and then discards a diamond.  Plan the defence.

When you win the heart and exit with another spade, declarer wins in hand and plays a club.  You must rise with the Queen or else you will be squeezed in clubs, hearts and spades to give the ninth trick to declarer.  The play of the club Queen destroys the entries for the squeeze.

3NT was successfully played by Paul Hackett in a league match Curry Eaters versus Proteus, the correct defence being found in the post mortem.