Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 6 Solution
    S 8xxx    
    H Kx    
    D Kxxx    
    C Axx    
S Q10     S KJxx
H A1087xx     H J9
D xx     D xx
C K10x     C Jxxxx
    S A9x    
    H Qxx    
    D AQJ10x    
    C Qx    

West    North    East    South
2H        Pass      Pass    3D
Pass      3H        Pass    3NT
All pass

Partner leads the 7 of Hearts, declarer plays the King from dummy.

a)    What do you play to this trick?
b)    When declarer plays a small Spade from dummy at trick 2 what do you play and why?

a)    Play the Jack to unblock the suit.
b)    Play the Jack again to attempt to get the lead.  If you don't then declarer will duck the trick to partner, win the Spade or Diamond return and then cash the Spade Ace if necessary and run the Diamonds, strip squeezing West who will have to throw Heart winners and will then be thrown in with a Heart to lead away from the Club King.