Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 7 Solution
    S AKQ4    
    H 64    
    D K986    
    C KJ2    
S 1098532     S 6
H AK10     H 8
D 3     D AQJ10752
C Q95     C A1064
    S J7    
    H QJ97532    
    D 4    
    C 873    

West    North    East    South
               1S         2D       2H
Dble(1)  2N        Dble    3H
Dble(2)  All pass

(1) Penalty (this was in 1959)
(2)  More penalty

Partner leads the diamond 3 declarer plays low from dummy and you win the trick, declarer following.

What do you switch to? (from the 1959 European, Great Britain v Lebanon)

Ben Franks switched to the Club 4, declarer tried to discard Clubs on dummy's Spades and that cost 800.