Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 8 Solution
    S 83    
    H AK64    
    D J108653    
    C 4    
S AQ92     S J75
H J93     H Q1072
D Q     D K74
C K8753     C Q106
    S K1064    
    H 85
    D A92    
    C AJ92    

E-W vul Dealer South

West    North    East    South

Pass        ?

What do you bid needing a game swing?

Harrison-Gray bid 3D (non-forcing) and Alan Hiron tried 3NT from the South hand.  A Club was led and ducked, the Club ten covered and lost to the King and a third Club returned.  Hiron crossed to dummy with a Heart and finessed the Diamond nine.  When this lost and the Diamonds did not break he was several down and the Manchester team had won the competition when the Myers brothers had stopped in 1NT.  

The interesting point is should the Myers brothers have bid to the poor game as well, knowing that their opponents were likely to bid it?  Their auction is not reported, tantalisingly.  I suspect it went 1NT, all pass.