Manchester County
Bridge Association

Problem 9 Solution
    S 7654    
    H 54    
    D K43    
    C K654    
S QJ     S 1098
H 9     H QJ10876
D QJ10987     D 65
C QJ109     C 87
    S AK32    
    H AK32
    D A2    
    C A32    

South plays 6S on the 9 of Hearts lead, East following suit.  What are the East West hands for this contract to make and how does the play go?

You need West, the opening leader, to be 2-1-6-4. As you need to duck a spade immediately, you have to hope his spades are QJ doubleton, otherwise the defence get a heart ruff. So duck a spade, win the minor suit return in dummy, cash a second high spade and play a top heart and ruff a heart. Cross back in a minor suit and ruff a heart. Cross back in the other minor suit and cash the remaning two trumps to squeeze West in the minors.