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2011 News and Results
Year End Congress Blackpool
In the year end congress Kath and Alan Nelson won the Mixed Pairs, John Holland and Ben Green won the Open Pairs on Wednesday 28th.
In the Swiss pairs, John and Pauline Rudolf were second, John Holland and Ben Green third, Kath and Alan Nelson fourth.
And in the Swiss Teams John Holland, Ben Green, Jackie Pye and Jeff Smith were second, Kath and Alan Nelson, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield fourth.  Congratulations to all who did well.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Tollemache Selection
The selection committee has selected the following team for the Tollemache final at Hinckley on Feb 11-12th.
Michael Newman/Michael Byrne
John Holland/Alan Mould
Jeff Morris/John Hassett
Kath & Alan Nelson

npc Raymond Semp.

Of the team who qualified in November Bernard Goldenfield (and Rhona Goldenfield npc), Bill Hirst and Gary Hyett are unavailable for the final.

Channel Trophy

Sinead Bird and Sarah O'Connor played for the England Girl's team in the Channel Trophy from 16th-18th December in the Netherlands.  They finished a commendable second to the Netherlands with team mates Lavinia Constantin (who played in Manchester for a few years) and Emily Middleton.  Michael Byrne was npc of the U20 team.

Click here for results and more information (in Dutch)

Ben Franks Pairs - Triumph for the Juggler's Club
Ben Beever and Eddie Thornton-Chan scored 67% with their innovative Juggler's Club system in the second session of the Ben Franks to leapfrog above several pairs to win by a small margin from Michael Newman and Michael Byrne.  In third place were half time leaders John Hassett and Jeff Morris, with Raymond Semp and Ken Hassell fourth.  These four pairs qualify to represent Manchester in the Corwen Trophy in June.

Thanks to Barbara Lewis and Irene Davies for organisation and to Mike Amos for directing efficiently.
Ben and Eddie

Winners - Eddie Thornton-Chan and Ben Beever with Kevin Comrie

Second - Michael Newman and Michael Byrne


Third - Jeff Morris (missing John Hassett)

Session 1 prize Justin Hackett (missing Martin Taylor)
Rod and David

Session 2 prize - Rod Franks and David Pennington

  1     Eddie Thornton-Chan & Ben Beever             59.52
  2     Michael Byrne & Michael Newman               59.21
  3     John Hassett & Jeff Morris                   58.64
  4     Ray Semp & Kenneth Hassell                   58.11
  5     Rod Franks & David Pennington                57.05
  6     Rhona Goldenfield & Bernard Goldenfield      56.73
  7     Justin Hackett & Martin Taylor               54.34
  8     Dan Crofts & Gary Hyett                      52.71
  9     Chris Hine & Stephen Ward                    52.02
 10     Alan Nelson & Sid Travers                    51.27
 11     Kevin Comrie & Celia Comrie                  51.11
 12     Peter Bailey & Ben Harrison-Graham           50.90
 13     Nicholas Greer & Sean Mekie                  50.16
 14     Alec Smalley & Barbara Lewis                 49.76
 15     Craig Fisher & Sue Richmond                  49.28
 16     Christine Benson & Terry Mccaughey           49.18
 17     Ray Ashleigh & Anne Super                    48.65
 18     David Matthews & Ann Thornton                48.30
 19     Irving Blakey & Joy Blakey                   47.42
 20     Irene Davies & Peter Green                   47.05
 21     Sinead Bird & Sarah O'Connor                 46.62
 22     Bernard Kaye & Roger Waddington              46.22
 23     Gillian Mcmullan & John Fitzgerald           45.45
 24     John Parsons & Tean Porteus                  42.88
 25     Roger Hopton & Lance Bloohn                  42.40
 26     Mike Coop & Kirstyn Fuller                   39.10
 27     Louise Vincent & Richard Cross               35.91

Tollemache Qualifier
Manchester have qualified for the Tollemache final for the third year running.  The team of Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, John Hassett, Jeff Morris, Bernard Goldenfield and Bill Hirst won their qualifying group at Daventry on 25th-26th November.  The team were second after Saturday's play only just ahead of the next two teams, but played solidly throughout Sunday to pull away from the other counties.
Many thanks to Rhona Goldenfield (npc) for her hard work in all the organisation.


Many congratulations to Michael Byrne and Mike Bell who won the major invitational tournament of the year, The Lederer, at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club on the weekend of 19-20th November. 
They played every board, with team-mates Espen Erichsen/Norman Selway on the Saturday and Martin Jones/Neil Rosen on the Sunday.  This is their first victory, and Mike Bell's debut in the event, Michael Byrne having played in 2001 and 2002 as part of an England junior team.
They won five of seven matches to finish well clear of the second placed team.
This is possibly the first ever win for a Manchester pair in this event. Michael and Mike re-formed their partnership as a one off for this event playing Mike Bell's Tribal system.

Premier League
John Holland and Paul Hackett's team improved in the final weekend at Solihull on 11-13th November to finish third.  In Division two Mike Bell's team just failed to get promoted, also finishing third.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Keri Klinger Award
The International Bridge Players Association has awarded the Keri Klinger Award to John Holland and the late Michelle Brunner for performing in admirable fashion under pressure.  John collected the award at the Premier League in Solihull.

For the full citation click here (page 8)

Autumn Intermediate Pairs
There was a full house of 16 Tables for the Autumn Intermediate Pairs held at Altrincham on Sunday 6th November.
There were some players who had supported this competition before and, encouragingly, a lot of new faces to an MCBA event.
Everyone appeared to enjoy the afternoon.

Graham and Susan

N-S winners Graham Winn and Susan Triggs with Irene Davies
Michael and Nicholas

E-W winners Michael Coop and Nicholas Greer

Tony and Eric

N-S second  Tony Ward and Eric Bell
Liz and Margaret

E-W second Liz Downey and Margaret Kelly

Rank Pair Names %
1 12 Graham Winn & Susan Triggs       63.37
2 11 Tony Ward & Eric Bell            59.49
3 1  Doreen Cook & Shirley Pryce      56.35
4 6 Ann Thompson & Andrea O' Rafferty 55.89
5 5  Bob Leach & Margaret Leach       53.52
6 15 George Leigh & Sally Bray        53.35
7 14 Mariam Jabbar & Mohammed Jabbar  52.87
8 8  Iain Hart & Paul Batstone        51.47
9 16 Felicity Byrne & Reba Bhaduri    50.85
10 13 Ros Mayall & Joyce Sykes        50.57
11 3 Nicholas Hinton & Nil Ghosh      48.75
12 9 Helen Reid & Karem Leigh         43.40
13 4 Peter Collinson & Annie Curtis   43.36
14 7 Faye Georgiou & Sanjeet Kamath   42.88
15 2 Myrna Essayan & Eileen Campbell  38.11
16 10 Paul West & Michelle Rosenberg  35.76
Rank Pair Names %
1 2 Michael Coop & Nicholas Greer     68.42
2 5 Liz Downie & Margaret Kelly       62.45
3 10 Pat Dunningham & Jean Reed       56.21
4 12 Carol Frost & Hilary Boydell     55.29
5 4 Pam Dorian & Jessica Smith        54.52
6 13 David McNellie & Marion McNellie 54.34
7 7 Phil Hayward & Nigel Catterall    52.27
8 16 Tean Porteus & Craig Porteus     50.91
9 8 Angela Parkinson & Wendy Burton   50.73
10 9 Doreen Tarz & Adriane Stone      46.70
11 14 Anne Rhodes & Frank Wetton      43.90
12 1 Hugh Searson & Barbara Searson   43.53
13 6 Pat Gorham & Diana Calvert       42.01
14 11 Jean Wright & Keith Wright      41.38
15 15 Pat Turner & Judith Eva         40.80
16 3 Kieron Billings & Wendy Verber   36.54

Many thanks to Barbara Lewis, Irene Davies and Stanley Blaiwais for organisation and directing.

Lancashire Teams
Another success for Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, playing with Jackie Pye and Jeff Smith on 30th October.

Chester Bowl
Congratulations to Ian Kane and Ken Hassell who won the Chester Bowl at Deva Bridge Club on 16th October.

Northern League - C Team win Division
Congratulations to the Manchester C Team of Kevin & Celia Comrie, Stephen Ward/Chris Hine, Lance Bloohn/Roger Hopton, Irene Davies/Haidee Tattersall who won comfortably on Saturday 22nd October and thus qualify for the National League finals.  Stephen and Chris and the scratch partnership of Irene and Haidee did well on the Butler scores.

The A team of Michael Newman/Kath Nelson,
Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield, Rodney Lighton/Gary Hyett, John Hassett/Jeff Morris were not in best form and for the first time in six seasons Manchester failed to win the division.  Congratulations to the Merseyside team who won for the first time.  Rodney and Gary were the best pair on the Butler scores.

The B team of Raymond Semp, Ken Hassell, Peter Jones, David Audley, Eve Lighthill, Sid Travers, David Pennington & Pauline Lang needed to overcome a fair deficit to win, but failed and finished runners-up.  Raymond and Ken were the best pair on the Butler scores.

Thanks to all players who have turned out for the county this season and we hope for more successes next season.
Full results and Butler scores are on the Northern League web site.

EBU Autumn Congress
John Holland, playing with Ben Green of Warwickshire finished third in the Two Stars pairs.  John and Pauline Rudolf were fifth in the Satellite pairs.
In the teams Gary Hyett was second in the main final, Sue Richmond, Craig Fisher, Neil Thomas and Peter Foster were seventh.  In the secondary final John Holland, Ben Green, Michael Byrne and Duncan Happer won with John and Pauline Rudolf third playing with Liz Commins and David Stevenson.

Great Northern Swiss Pairs
Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield did well  to finish second in this event in Leeds on 1st-2nd October in a field of 123 pairs.
Full results are on the EBU web site.

Manchester C (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield) have reached the final of the NICKO after defeating Moseley B who conceded after 24 of the 32 boards with a deficit of 53 IMPs. Bernard & Rhona were previous winners of the NICKO in 1990 and 1993 while the two Michaels were previous winners in 2007.  They will play Coventry in the final.

Premier League in Manchester
The second weekend of the Premier League was held at Manchester Bridge Club on 1st-2nd October.
Highest placed Manchester players are John Holland and Paul Hackett in fifth place.  The final three matches take place at Solihull in November.

Sheffield 75th Anniversary Event
The Manchester team of Alec Smalley, Barbara Lewis, Sue Richmond and Craig Fisher went to the Teams event at Sheffield Bridge Club, part of Sheffield's 75th anniversary celebrations.

They had an enjoyable day, Sheffield Bridge Club provided excellent hospitality and their friendliness and generosity was reciprocated by our bridge.

The Sheffield team of Sandy Davies, Dave Robinson, Graham Jepson and Frank Littlewood won by a very large margin.

Derbyshire Match

Mc Derby

Gillian McMullan, Jeanne Bayly, David Matthews, John FitzGerald, Michael Wymer, Ann Thornton,
Graham Winn, Karen Sandler, Ron Bayly, George Leigh, (Jeff Morris), Lance Bloohn, Susan Triggs

The victorious Manchester team being presented with the trophy after winning the annual match against Derbyshire
on Sunday 18th September at Manchester Bridge Club

Northern League - win in all three divisions
The penultimate round of matches for this season took place on Saturday 10th September.

The A team of  Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, Alan and Kath Nelson, John Holland/Bill Hirst, Michael Byrne/Michael Newman won with 57/80 VPs to leave Manchester in overall third position, but within 2 VPs of the leaders.  Bernard and Rhona were the best pair on the Butler scores.

The B team of Ken Hassell/Raymond Semp, Ben Beever/Eddie Thornton-Chan, Irving and Joy Blakey, Peter Jones and David Audley also won on the day to finish in overall 2nd position, but some way behind Yorkshire.  Ken and Raymond were our best pair.

The C team of Gill Griffiths and Paul Worswick, Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton, Irene Davies and Stephen Ward, Jeanne Bayly and Ron Bayly won with Paul and Gill being the best pair.  The C team lead their division.

Full results and Butler scores are on the Northern league web site.

Bolton Congress
In the pairs on Saturday 3rd September there was an incredibly tight finish, with only 9 match points separating the top six pairs at the end of the two session event.  Congratulations to Lance Bloohn and Roger Hopton who won, with Mariam and Mohammed Jabbar third.  There was another success for Manchester players in the Swiss Teams on the Sunday when Neil Thomas, Gillian McMullan, Boris Ewart and Peter Foster won.  In the Ladies pairs Gillian McMullan was second with Pauline Holden of Lancashire with a score of  64.6% (which would normally win).

Full results are on the Bolton Bridge Club web site.

Brighton Summer Congress

Duncan and Michael

Duncan Happer and Michael Byrne

Congratulations to the following Manchester players who did well at Brighton this summer.

Michael Byrne and Duncan Happer, together with Irish internationals Hugh McGann and Tom Hanlon won the Four Star teams Championship on Sunday 21st August.
The team started in the qualifying Swiss abysmally, with only 26/60 Vps out of their first 3 matches to leave them needing an enormous mountain to climb. However on the Saturday they won 16, 20, 20, 19, 18, 19, 15 which meant they won the qualifying event by 12 victory points.
In the final they started strongly including a 18-2 victory over the Treddinicks (winners in 2009) and led at the half way stage, but a very tight 11-9 loss to Pat Collins team meant they needed a small win in their final match to ensure victory. The tension was further heartened by the fact that their Irish team-mates had to leave by 7.20, 20 minutes before play was due to finish. In the end two players from their opponents in the final match (Mick Carrington and Richard Frederick from Hampshire) agreed to start early and play quickly, and all the boards were completed resulting in a 14-6 win for team Byrne, and the trophy by 5 victory points.

In the B final Kath and Alan Nelson playing with Jeff Smith/Andrew Petrie from Lancashire were early leaders but they fell away at the end to finish in 5th position, just behind John Holland and Bill Hirst, playing respectively with Ben Green and Patrick Jourdain.

John Holland was 15th in the Swiss Pairs with Ben Green.
Michael Byrne was second with Basil Letts in the play with an expert.
Mike Bell won the Tuesday Pairs with Yvonne Wiseman
Tom Slater, Ben Paske, Alec Smalley, Barbara Lewis were fourth and Alan Nelson, Bill Hirst, Rhona Goldenfield, Kath Nelson were sixth in the Mixed Pivot Teams.
Rhona Goldenfield and Michael Byrne were ninth in the Mixed Pairs.

I may have missed some significant results.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Gerard Faulkner Final
The final of the 2010-11 Seniors' KO was held on Monday 8th August at Manchester Bridge Club.
The finalists, with the exception of North East's Clive Owen, were all from Manchester.
Clive Owen, John Holland, John Hassett and Jeff Morris won by 80 IMPs when Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, Joy and Irving Blakey conceded with 8 boards to play. 

Senior's final

Clive Owen, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, John Holland
Joy and Irving Blakey, Jeff Morris, John Hassett

Brighton Report

Alec Smalley and Barbara Lewis' experiences of this year's congress.

This was our first trip to the Brighton Congress, having previously been to several continental bridge events.In respect of the bridge, the intensity is much higher than in Europe, especially if you play in all the events. Only the American Nationals are comparable in this respect.

The two main competitions, Swiss Pairs and Swiss Teams, are contested over the weekends, and are long and demand high levels of consistent concentration – as evidenced by Michael Byrne’s team who won the main event, the A Star Teams final  (136 boards in total). However, during the midweek there are several more relaxed and fun competitions: Play with an Expert, Mixed Pivot Teams and Mixed Pairs in the evening and Open Pairs and Senior (over 60 years) events every afternoon.  And, for anyone who has not yet had enough bridge, there are Speedball events starting at midnight. Everyone who we met and played against were friendly and were enjoying the events.

We were especially impressed with the large turnout of talented young bridge players…who give the events some vibrancy and augurs well for the future of bridge in the UK. We were successful in the Mixed Pivot Teams (playing with Tom Slater and Ben Paske), winning a prize: Alec and Tom had a wonderful experience playing in the Swiss Teams with Irving Gordon and Bill Whyte finishing 6th in the Brighton Bowl.

Brighton offers varied accommodation from top hotels to comfortable apartments within easy walking distance of the bridge, and a multitude of reasonably priced dining experiences from traditional seafood to Korean and Japanese cuisine.  For those who want to take a break from the bridge there are the Lanes of Brighton, and easy access by bus and train to cultural and other seaside attractions.  Travelling by train to Brighton is to be recommended as it took us just over four hours door-to-door and parking is very expensive in Brighton.

Interesting Question
Playing with my wife Lorraine at Bramhall for the first time for many a year, she led a club against Ben Beever's 3NT contract.  He thought for a while and then asked me "How long has your partner been playing bridge?".  He got two very different answers, I said "about half an hour", she replied rather more truthfully "37 years".

President's Cup
Ten counties competed in the President's cup at Sheffield over the weekend of the 16-17th July.  Manchester won the previous two years, but this year finished a modest fifth, well behind Merseyside.  The team was Gary Hyett/ Raymond Semp, Peter Jones/David Audley (both days), Mark Halliwell/Mike Ardron, Leslie Klein/David Barton (Saturday) and Alec Smalley/Tom Slater, Kath & Alan Nelson (Sunday).  Kath and Alan Nelson were our best pair on the Butler scores, followed by Peter Jones and David Audley.

European Juniors
Congratulations to the England Under 20 team who finished fourth in the recent European Junior Championships. The team started well and were in the hunt the whole way through, but a bad loss in the penultimate match put their qualification in danger. However, they crushed The Netherlands 25-4 in the final match to clinch a qualifying spot for the World Championships, which will be held next summer in Cuba.

The team was Shivam Shah/Basil Letts (Manchester Congress Teams winner) from London, Tommy Brass (Reading)/Alex Roberts (Cheshire) and Simon Spencer/Ankush Khandelwal from Nottingham, with Michael Byrne as NPC and Alan Shillitoe as coach.

Manchester Green Point Swiss Teams

This event was held at Altrincham on Sunday 24th July.
This year's winners were from Lancashire, Bill Alston, Andrew Petrie, Nick and Sue Woodcock.
Congratulations to the non-expert teams of David Matthews, Ann Thornton, Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton who finished third and
Stephen Ward, Christopher Hine, George Leigh and Michael Wymer who were fourth.
A full entry of 25 teams was achieved.  Thanks to Rhona Goldenfield for all her hard work organising the event and to various helpers, also to David Stevenson and Joan Lewis for directing.

  1         Nick Woodcock, Sue Woodcock, Andrew Petrie, Bill Alston                    106     3.00
  2         Justin Hackett, Martin Taylor, Darren Evetts, Barbara Hackett              102     2.50
  3    N    David Matthews, Ann Thornton, Kevin Higgins, Richard Sinton                 89     2.00
  4    N    Stephen Ward, Christopher Hine, George Leigh, Michael Wymer                 87     1.75
  5         Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield, John Morrell, Marianne Farr         86     1.50
  6         Alan Nelson, Jeffrey Smith, Kath Nelson, Michael Newman                     83     1.25
  7         Liz Commins, David Flacks, Paddy Murphy, Barry Jones                        81     1.00
  8         Tim Matthews, Babs Matthews, Joyce White, Bill White                        77     1.00
  9         John Rudolf, Pauline Rudolf, Peter Hand, Jean Hand                          76     1.00
 10         Alan Whittam, Paul Evans, Michael Tomlinson, Ewart Evans                    75     1.00
 11         Pauline Lang, Steve Mattinson, Rod Franks, David Pennington                 71     0.75
 12         Glenda Lloyd, Peter Boardman, Christine Skellon, Trevor Ward                69     0.75
 13=        Jean Keen, Dave Keen, Sue Richmond, Neil Thomas                             68     0.75
 13=        David W Briggs, Brian Irlam, Pauline Holden, Robin Atkinson                 68     0.75
 15         Maureen Borley, Philip Nuttall, David Armstrong, Stephen O'Brien            66     1.00
 16         Pat Burrows, Gill Griffiths, Gillian Whyte, John Holland                    65     1.00
 17         Mike Swanson, Colin Humphrey, Raymond Semp, Rodney Lighton                  63     0.75
 18         Eve Lighthill, Sidney Travers, Ian Kane, Kenneth Hassell                    62     0.75
 19    N    Duncan Ault, Diane Jane Ault, John Ashworth, Cath Hornby                    56     0.50
 20         Linda Williams, Marsha Gee, Lance Bloohn, Roger Hopton                      55     0.75
 21         Irene Davies, Karen Reissmann, Gillian McMullan, John Fitzgerald            54     0.50
 22         Geoff Cowie, Robbie Roberts, Shirley Stott, Maureen Foster                  52     0.50
 23    N    Mohammed Jabbar, Mariam Jabbar, Vivienne Newgrosh, Jacqueline Rich          47     0.50
 24=        Martin Craven, David Pollard, Antony Edwards, Neil Zussman                  46     0.50
 24=        Bob Loveridge, Helen Montgomery, Jeff Wilkins, Ann Wilkins                  46     0.50


Bill Alston, Andrew Petrie, Sue Woodcock,
(Eve Lighthill), Nick Woodcock


Darren Everts, Martin Taylor, Barbara Hackett, Justin Hackett

David Matthews, Richard Sinton, Ann Thornton, Kevin Higgins

Non expert

    Chris Hine, Stephen Ward, George Leigh
Missing is Michael Wymer

Senior's Congress
Congratulations to John Holland playing with Erika Slatcher of the Isle of Man who won the pairs at the Senior's Congress at Eastbourne on 9th July by the large margin of nearly 7%.  Bill Hirst was fourth with Jeremy Dhondy of London.  Bill and Jeremy won the Swiss teams with Patrick Collins and David Kendrick.

National League Final

Nat League final

At the fifth attempt Manchester have finally won the A Division Final of the National County Teams of Eight at Solihull on Sunday 10th July. Well done to Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield, Kath & Alan Nelson, David Debbage & John Hassett and the emergency partnership of Michael Newman & Alec Smalley. Bernard & Rhona were by far Manchester's best pair on the day in the Butler scoring (finishing second overall) although all four pairs finished positive.  This is, I believe, Alec Smalley's first national title.

Northern League Matches
The second round of the Northern league was played on Saturday 9th July.

The A team of Mike Bell/Sarah O'Connor, Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield, Kath & Alan Nelson, David Debbage/Rob Myers finished fourth out of five teams.

In the B Division the Manchester team of Fred Bell/John Roberts, Craig Fisher/Sue Richmond, Eve Lighthill/Sid Travers, Dave Matthews/Anne Thornton were joint third out of seven teams.

The best result was achieved by the C team who won their division, winning five out of six matches.  The team was Rita & Peter Jordan, Gillian McMullan/John FitzGerald, Irene Davies/Karen Reissmann and Kevin & Celia Comrie.  They now lead the division by a margin of 22 VPs.

Full results are on the Northern Bridge League site.

Manchester C (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield) have reached the semi-finals of the NICKO after defeating West of England C by 34 IMPS over 32 boards. This is the third time in the last six years that the two Michaels have reached the semi-finals of this competition.

Michelle Brunner

Michelle Brunner

Michelle Brunner was one of England and Manchester’s best known bridge players, a former World and European Ladies Champion and many capped international as well as winner of many national and local events.

Posterity will doubtless remember Michelle for her many achievements playing bridge; however all those who had the pleasure to know her will remember her for her warmth, humour, beauty and friendliness.

Michelle was born on New Year’s Eve 1953, the middle daughter of three from a North London Jewish family.  She learned bridge at home at the age of 14 and played at school in the sixth form.  In 1971 she arrived at Manchester University ostensibly to study Italian.  At that time the University had a strong and thriving bridge club which she joined, and her standard rapidly improved.  The Italian was rather neglected and she left University to work for Thomas Cook.  In the mid seventies she and John Holland became life and bridge partners, they married quietly in 2008.

Michelle was a true bridge addict; she played all over the world with great distinction and since 1995 worked as a bridge professional, teaching in the Manchester area and writing books and articles about the game.

It would be impossible to list in an obituary all Michelle’s honours at the game*.  She represented her country 40 times in international events, most often with her great friend Rhona Goldenfield.  In Women’s events she won a World Championship in 1985 with Gill Scott-Jones and European Championships in 1979 with Rosie Hudson and in 2001 with Rhona Goldenfield.  The 2001 European was possibly the pinnacle of her achievements, when she and Rhona were the best pair from any country and played the last eight matches in the event without a break.  She played in the Lady Milne Trophy many times and represented Britain in mixed teams events.  She also competed at the top level in open events, winning four Camrose caps in partnership with John.

At the domestic level she won many national titles with John, most notably the Hubert Phillips six times, the Portland Pairs three times (a record) and Crockfords once.  The Gold Cup eluded her, but she came very close, losing by two IMPs in the 2006 final.

In the Manchester area she won everything, including the strong Manchester league with 16 wins in the last 32 years.

As a player her strengths were great concentration and a will to win, excellent dummy play and defence and good bidding judgement.

Michelle was bright, beautiful and bubbly.  Everyone who met her will remember her friendly manner and humour.  Along with her meticulous preparation these qualities made her an outstanding teacher.  Her classes and seminars were hugely popular.  She also wrote two textbooks on Acol for beginners and improvers and an excellent column for Bridge Plus for many years.

In 2000 she was treated for breast cancer and recovered.  She was ill before the 2007 Venice Cup in Shanghai and her doctor suggested that she didn’t go.  Of course Michelle wanted to play and went.  She was possibly the best player on the English team and produced a brilliant defence that was written up in English Bridge in December 2007.

On her return a diagnosis of terminal cancer was made.  She decided that she was going to live life to the full while she could.  She gave up work, went on holidays to Europe and Australia and had many trips to the theatre and musicals.  She also continued playing bridge at the highest level, winning selection with John for England twice in the Camrose Trophy.  She won two defence of the year awards given by the IBPA for the best reported defence in the world.  She was immensely proud of John’s achievement in winning two World Seniors Championships, although disappointed that she was unable to travel with him.  In early 2011 she undertook the arduous trip to Australia to play in the Gold Coast Congress and have a holiday.  Despite being in considerable pain from back problems her team reached the finals of this strong event.

We send our condolences to John Holland, her sisters Susan and Gillian and all her friends.

Michelle Brunner born 31st December 1953 died 24th June 2011

* See the honours pages for events won and international representation. 

A nice tribute to Michelle has been published in the bulletin for the European championships currently taking place in Poznan.
Click on the link below and go to pages 14-16.

Peter Hasenson has compiled a list of Michelle's achievements.

Click here to read Peter's document

Click here for the EBU obituary

Maureen Hiron has written an obituary for the Independent

Liz McGowan has put a tribute to Michelle in her column in the Scotsman

The funeral for Michelle Brunner was held at the Jewish Cemetery near Dunham on Sunday 26th June.
More than a hundred people gathered from all over the country and beyond to pay their last respects to Michelle on a glorious sunny day.
The Rabbi, Jeff Morris and Rhona Goldenfield all spoke eloquently of Michelle's achievements and warmth and personality.
Many thanks to all those who came and those who couldn't, but who sent messages of condolence.
Also many thanks to all those people who visited Michelle in her last few weeks and supported John and the family, especially to those who stayed overnight to relieve the burden on John, Susan and Gillian.

Northern League
The first round of this year's Northern league matches took place on Saturday 11th June.  In the B division the Manchester Team of Craig Fisher & Sue Richmond, Ken Hassell & Ian Kane, Howard Stubbings & Dhun Dhaji, Jean & Peter Hand won four of their six matches and finished with 74VPs in fourth position.

In the C Division the team was Paul Beckwith & Paul Worswick, Irene Davies & Karen Reissman, Marcelo & Elena Rosenbaum, Graham Winn & Susan Triggs.  They also won four of the six matches and lie in third position.

There were no A team matches for the first weekend.

Manchester C (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield) have reached the quarter-finals of the NICKO after defeating Hurworth C.  At half time they trailed by 14 IMPs but a storming second half score of +44 IMPs saw them win by 30 IMPs.

Pachabo Final
The Manchester team of John Hassett, Bill Hirst, Jeff Morris and Stuart Shalom finished a creditable fifth in the Pachabo on the weekend of 11-12th June at Daventry.

Yorkshire Congress
There were successes for Manchester players at the Yorkshire Congress at Harrogate on 3rd-5th June.
In the Mixed pairs Michael Byrne, playing with Fiona Brown of Yorkshire won, and in the Championship Pairs John and Pauline Rudolf were winners.
More results are on the Yorkshire web site.

Pat Buxton retired as tournament secretary at the AGM after ten years in the post.  She was presented with a cash gift which she donated to the charity of her choice.  Many thanks to Pat who has worked tirelessly, turning out to all events and willingly helping with administration and catering.  Irene Davies has taken over the role.

Barbara Lewis was elected chair of selectors at the first selection committee meeting.

The new selection committee has made its first set of selections.

National League Finals Solihull Sunday 10th July A Team

Kath and Alan Nelson, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, Michael Newman and Gary Hyett, David Barton and Alan Jones.

President's Cup Sheffield 16th-17th July

Gary Hyett and Raymond Semp, Kath and Alan Nelson, Tom Slater and Alec Smalley, Joy and Irving Blakey

Northern League Saturday 9th July
A Team
B Team
C Team
Kath and Alan Nelson
Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield
David Debbage and Robert Myers
Peter Jones and Raymond Semp
John and Pauline Rudolf
Eve Lighthill and Sid Travers
David Audley and Frank Brown
David Matthews and Ann Thornton
Viv Newgrosh and Jacqueline Rich
Kevin Higgins and Richard Sinton
Irene Davies and Karen Reissman
Frank McCarthy and Martin Taylor

Corwen Trophy
In the inter county pairs event at Hinckley on 4-5th June Steve Raine and Sue Richmond did well to finish 13th.  John Hassett and Jeff Morris were 28th and our other pairs David Pennington/Rod Franks and Ann Thornton/David Matthews were around half way.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Bramhall Green Teams of Eight
12 months on from the introduction of P2P and the formation of a new club - Bramhall Green Bridge Club - who play at the Brookdale Club.     Bramhall Green hosted a local teams of eight event on Sunday 29th May. Of the teams invited the following clubs entered; Marple, Ashton, Cheadle Hulme, Trafford together with 2 teams from Bramhall Green. The competition (run and directed by Jeff Smith) was won by Bramhall Green with Marple in 2nd place and Cheadle Hulme 3rd.


The winning Bramhall Green Team
Graham Barker, Marion Moulds, Dieter Salden, Dawn Hodgkinson, Adrian Lee, Derek Bailey, Doris Kirwan, Gil Fletcher

Senior Camrose
The Senior Home Internationals took place in Oxford on 28-29th May.  Playing for England were John Holland with Gunnar Hallberg, and Paul Hackett with Roger O'Shea.  Colin Simpson and David Price were the third pair.  England finished third with John Holland and Gunnar Hallberg being their leading pair on the Butler scores.

Annual General Meeting - Selection Committee
The AGM was on Thursday 26th May at Manchester Bridge Club.
The following Selection Committe was elected:- Rodney Lighton, Peter Jones, Alec Smalley, Barbara Lewis, Michael Newman.

Here are the dates for the Northern League 2011 - players may wish to make a note if they are interested in playing. Players who wish to be considered for selection please contact the Match secretary Michael Byrne  -

Match 1 - Saturday June 11th
Match 2 - Saturday   July 9th
Match 3-  Saturday  September 10th
Match 4 - Saturday  October 22nd

Presidents Cup - Sheffield July 16th-17th
Derbyshire Match - Early September Date TBA

More details are on the calendar page.

AGM Awards
League and Player of the Year awards were presented by the association's president Eve Lighthill at the recent AGM.
Michael Newman

Player of the year Michael Newman


Michael presents Eve with the Division 2 Trophy for DASH.
Other team members were Ian Kane, Ken Hassell, Raymond Semp, David Olliver and Barry Davies


Division 1 Winners
Rhona Goldenfield accepts the awards for Isolated Menaces.
Also Bernard Goldenfield, Michelle Brunner and John Holland

Division 6A winners Eureka.
Ann Morris with trophy.
Also Alan Bray, Catherine Kramer and Eugene Hutton


Division 5B winners Midland Railway
David Johnston, Ted Cadman, Simon Townsend and Ian Mackie

6 Diamonds

Division 6B winners The 6 Diamonds

Pat Dunningham, June Gilbert, Penny Culshaw, Pauline Cathcart,
Vanessa James, Maisie Saffer, Suzie Joseph


Division 3 Winners Tricksters
Kevin Higgins, Ann Thornton, Dave Matthews
Also Richard Sinton, Valerie and Barry Hobden

Ann and Dave also won the Intermediate Category of the Player of the Year
Winning Ways

Division 5A winners Winning Ways
Tony O'Neill, Pat Gorham, Susan Triggs, Graham Winn

Garden Cities - Regional Final
In the Garden Cities Regional Final held in Bradford on Saturday 21st May Manchester Bridge Club qualified for the National Final to be held on 18th June.  Manchester Bridge Club won the eight team qualifier with two teams qualifiying, just ahead of Hurworth from the North East.  This is the first time since 2007 that a team from MCBA has reached the final.  Well done to John Hassett & Bill Hirst, Michael Byrne & Michael Newman, David Debbage & Rob Myers, Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield.

Crockford's Final
The Manchester Team of John Hassett, Bill Hirst, Jeff Morris and Howard Melbourne finished fifth in the Crockford's final over the weekend of 14-15th May.  John Holland and Michelle Brunner played in earlier rounds.

Northern League Selections

The committee has made the following selections for Saturday June 11th; there is no A team match.

B Team at Blackburn
C Team at Manchester
Jean / Peter Hand
Susan Richmond / Craig Fisher (cap)
Dave Matthews / Annie Thornton
Howard Stubbings/ Dhun Dhaji
Elena / Marcelo Rosenbaum
Alan Tranter / Andy Burnet
Susan Triggs / Graham Winn
Paul Beckwith (cap)/ Paul Worswick

Higson Cup and Plate Finals
The finals of the Higson Cup and Plate were held on Sunday 8th May at Manchester Bridge Club.

In the Plate an Astra Zeneca team won for the second year running, although this year it was AZ Kings (Barbara Moore, Anne Jeater, Jim Straffon and Lindsey Cook).  Last year's winners AZ Stars were third.  Runners up were Hindsight Convention who had won in 2008.

In the Cup Saint Titus (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rodney Lighton and Alan Mould) took a 10 VP lead in the first half over Curry Eaters (Darren Evert, Jason, Justin, Paul and Barbara Hackett) and just managed to hold onto it, beating Curry Eaters in the head to head match despite Jason making 6S in a perilous 4-3 fit while the Michaels went off in 6NT.  This was Alan Mould's first game of bridge for about 18 months!  Manchester J (Ian Pendlebury,  David Smith, John and Pauline Rudolf) were third.

The win for Saint Titus means that Michael Newman finishes an excellent season by winning the Player of the Year prize, just ahead of Michael Byrne and last year's winner Michelle Brunner.

Thanks to Bob Cooke for presenting prizes and Jeff Morris and Joan Lewis for directing and organising.

Roy Higson Final =====================================================================================
Rank Team Names                                                                   VPs
  1    7  St Titus                                                                104
          M Byrne,M Newman,R Lighton,A Mould
  2    3  Curry Eaters                                                             94
          P Hackett,D Evetts,Jason Hackett,Justin Hackett
          B Hackett
  3    2  Manchester J                                                             84
          I Pendlebury,D Smith,P Rudolf,J Rudolf
  4    5  Team Mayhem                                                              80
          N Thomas,G McMullan,P Foster,P Callow
  5    1  Manchester S                                                             63
          B Lewis,S Herman,P Jones,T Slater
  6    8  Crimes & Misdemeanours                                                   60
          G Burns,A Wiseman,D Tobias,J Stell
  7    4  Sedgeley                                                                 43
          S Travers,L Gorodkin,B Kaye,R Waddington
  8    6  Love Hearts                                                              32
          P Bailey,B Harrison-Graham,Hari Gohil,John Browning

Higson Plate
Rank Team Names                                                                   VPs
  1    1  AZ Kings                                                                 80
          B Moore,A Jeater,J Straffon,L Cook
  2    3  Hindsight Conventions                                                    79
          Alan Tranter,Andy Burnett,Harry Ingham,Colin Humphrey
  3    2  AZ Stars                                                                 71
          S Adam,B Hart,G Marsden,D Milne
  4    4  Red Bull                                                                 66
          E Glinnert,H Stubbings,M Rosenbaum,E Rosenbaum
  5    5  Midland Railway                                                          58
          David Johnston,Ted Cadman,Simon Townsend,Iain Mackie
  6    7  Davenport A                                                              47
          Jim O'Neill,Stewart Thomas,Chris Baker,Adrian Lee
  7    6  Lancelot                                                                 19
          Irene Davies,Karen Reissman,Lance Bloohn,Karen Sandler

Higson Winners

Winners (Bob Cooke)
Rodney Lighton, Alan Mould, Michael Newman, Michael Byrne
Higson third

Third Ian Pendlebury, John Rudolf, Pauline Rudolf, David Smith
Plate winners

Plate winners
Lindsey Cook, Barbara Moore, Jim Straffon, Anne Jeater
Plate second

Plate second
Alan Tranter, Harry Ingram, Andy Burnett, Colin Humphrey
Plate third

Plate third
Bernard Hart, Sheena Adam, Giles Marsden, David Milne

Heaton Moor Bridge Club
Unfortunately Heaton Moor Bridge Club has had to close, due to dwindling numbers. The remaining funds of over £1700 have been donated to Walthew House, an independent local charity supporting people in Stockport who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing or who have dual sensory loss. There is a small Bridge Club at Walthew House between 12pm and 2pm on Mondays.

Oakfield Bridge Club, still a thriving club, has decided to change its affiliation to Lancashire.

Player of the Year

In the Intermediate category congratulations to David Matthews and Ann Thornton who win the award by scoring in three competitions, Ben Franks pairs, Gazette Trophy and League Division 3.

In the Expert category Michael Newman, who won two points ahead of Michael Byrne who was two points ahead of last year's winner Michelle Brunner.

League - Isolated Menaces Win - All Matches Completed

The league season has now  finished with all matches completed.  Many thanks to David Tattersall for all his hard work this season in running one of the best county leagues in the country.  Well done to all those promoted teams and commiserations to those who were relegated.  We hope to see everyone back next year and some new teams entering.

Congratulations to Michelle Brunner's Isolated Menaces (John Holland, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield + Bill Hirst).  They retain the title that they won last year and have now won five times this millennium.

In the final match of the division St Titus recorded their biggest win of the season 28-2 over Finesse to finish second 4 VPs behind Isolated Menaces.

In Division 2 Ian Kane's DASH and Tracy Capal's By 1 Imp will return to the top division, the third promotion spot went to Graham Burns' Crimes and Misdemeanours.

In Division 3 Tricksters - Kevin Higgins, Richard Sinton, Valerie Hobden, Ann Thornton, Barry Hobden, Dave Matthews are also promoted - well done.   North Star join them as second promoted team and Manchester A as third.

Meanwhile in Division 4A Hindsight Convention (Alan Tranter, Andy Burnett, Harry Ingham, Don Fitzpatrick, Colin Humphrey) are promoted along with Farokh's Googlies, with Division 4B promoted teams being Grosvenor Wednesday and Hydrangeas

In Division 5A Winning Ways and Kids and in Division 5B Midland Railway and Astrazeneca Aces are promoted.

Congratulations to Eureka - Ann Morris, Alan Bray, Catherine Kramer and Eugene Hutton and Love Hearts (Division 6a), The 6 Diamonds - Pat Dunningham, June Gilbert, Penny Culshaw, Pauline Cathcart, Vanessa James, Maisie Saffer, Suzie Joseph and Double Trouble - John Berry, Tricia Berry, Fiona Goode, Anne Rhodes (Division 6b) who are promoted to division 5.

Easter Festival
There was no Easter festival in the North this year, but a few Manchester players travelled to London to play.
Congratulations to Luke Webb and Jack Hassan who finished second in the under 19 pairs.
In the Swiss Teams Michael Byrne, playing with Simon Cope, Derek Patterson and William Whittaker finished second.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Gerard Faulkner Trophy
Congratulations to Irving and Joy Blakey, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield who beat a strong London team in the semi-finals of the Senior's knock out.

This sets up a (nearly) all Manchester Final as they will play Jeff Morris, John Hassett, John Holland and Clive Owen.

For the second year running Manchester C (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rhona & Bernard Goldenfield) have reached the last 16 of the NICKO after defeating Sheffield A by 22 IMPs and are now the only MCBA team remaining in the competition.

National Pairs
In the National Pairs final at Hinckley over the weekend of 16-17th April Gary Hyett playing with Dan Crofts of Birmingham came a creditable sixth.  John Hassett and David Debbage were 18th.  The other Manchester qualifiers Michael Byrne and Michael Newman did not play.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Goldstone Trophy
Jeff Morris's team (John Hassett, Irving and Joy Blakey) beat David Barton (Alan Jones, Martin Braid and Michael Clarke) in the final of the Goldstone Trophy.  They will represent Manchester in the Pachabo in June.  Added to the team were Stuart Shalom and Bill Hirst who will replace Joy and Irving who are unavailable for the final.

Caryl and Joel Bloch
We are sorry to report the recent deaths of Caryl and Joel Bloch, within a few days of each other.  Caryl was a former secretary of the MCBA and Joel was an EBU delegate for several years.

Caryl Bloch

Caryl Bloch

Higson Cup
Congratulations to Division 6 team Love Hearts, John and Anne Armstrong, Peter Bailey and Ben Harrison-Graham, who have reached the Higson Cup final having beaten higher division teams in each of their three Higson Cup matches.  This may be the first time that a division 6 team has reached the final.

Also to
Sedgeley, average age late seventies, who recently beat Isolated Menaces in the Higson cup by precisely one IMP, thereby repeating their previous result and score in the same round about 10 years ago, a remarkable co-incidence !

Portland Pairs
Congratulations to Sue Richmond and Neil Thomas who finished fifth nationally in the EBU mixed pairs, playing at Brierfield on Sunday 27th March.
Full results are on the EBU web site.

National Pairs
The regional heats of the National Pairs took place on Sunday 20th March.  In the Northern Pairs at Bradford Michael Byrne and Michael Newman were second, just ahead of David Debbage and John Hassett, who both qualified for the National final in April.  Also doing well in twelfth place, but just failing to qualify, were David Matthews and Ann Thornton.

At the Midlands heat in Solihull Gary Hyett won with Dan Crofts.

Green Point Pairs

The annual Swiss Pairs event was held at Altrincham on Saturday 12th March.
Kath Nelson and Michael Newman, playing together for the first time for nine years, won ahead of Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield.   John Holland and Michelle Brunner, having very recently returned from Australia, showed little sign of jet lag, finishing fourth and fith respectively, with partners Gillian Whyte and Alan Nelson.

This was a well organised and run event, with thanks to Rhona Goldenfield and her helpers and to David Stevenson and Joan.

Rank Pair Cat  Names                                        Score(VPs)     GPs
  1    6       Michael Newman & Kath Nelson                   104         3.75
  2    5       Rhona Goldenfield & Bernard Goldenfield         97         3.25
  3   42       Liz Commins & Paddy Murphy                      96         2.75
  4   29       John Holland & Gillian Whyte                    95         2.50
  5=  27       Michelle Brunner & Alan Nelson                  94         2.50
  5=  13       Bob Loveridge & Helen Montgomery                94         2.25
  7   16       Ian Kane & Kenneth Hassell                      89         1.50
  8   24  A    Raymond Semp & Peter Jones                      85         1.25
  9   12  N    Max Richman & Sandra Richman                    84         1.50
 10   26       Bill White & Joyce White                        83         1.00
 11   28       John Morrell & Marianne Farr                    82         1.25
 12=  48       Roger Allison & Peter Richmond                  81         1.00
 12=  50       Don Cross & Jill Entwistle                      81         1.00
 14   19       Craig Fisher & Sue Richmond                     79         1.00
 15=  41  N    Lance Bloohn & Roger Hopton                     77         1.00
 15=  44       Howard Stubbings & Dhun Daji                    77         1.00
 17=  35       Barbara Lewis & Celia Comrie                    75         1.25
 17=  40       John Farmer & Babs Matthews                     75         1.25
 17=  11  N    Karen Reissmann & Irene Davies                  75         1.00
 17=  45       Irene Bowers & Wynn Sutherland                  75         1.25
 21    7       Tracy Capal & Liz Muir                          74         1.25
 22   25       Jeffrey Smith & Tony Coley                      72         0.75
 23=   1  N    Duncan Ault & Diane Jane Ault                   71         1.00
 23=  43       Jenny Morris & Jim Morris                       71         1.00
 23=   2  N    Alan Paylor & Michael Cleaver                   71         0.75
 26=  33       John Rudolf & Pauline Rudolf                    69         1.00
 26=  37       Steve Mattinson & David Pennington              69         1.00
 26=  36       Clive Henderson & Barbara Henderson             69         0.75
 29=  31       Barrie Newall & Julia Newall                    68         1.00
 29=  30  N    Peter Boardman & Glenda Lloyd                   68         0.75
 29=  23       Sue Woodcock & Nick Woodcock                    68         0.75
 29=   4       Rodney Lighton & Tom Slater                     68         0.50
 33=  38       Gillian McMullan & John Fitzgerald              67         0.75
 33=  34       Boris Ewart & Peter Foster                      67         0.50
 35   47       Bernard Kaye & Michael Tomlinson                65         1.00
 36   21  N    Stephen Ward & Michael Wymer                    62         0.75
 37   15       David Flacks & Julian Merrill                   60         0.50
 38   46       John McKenzie & Ann McKenzie                    59         0.75
 39=  49       Bill Wattleworth & Liz Wattleworth              56         0.75
 39=  10       Geoff Cowie & Robbie Roberts                    56         0.75
 39=  39  N    Peter Green & Haidee Schofield                  56         0.75
 42   14       Patricia Burrows & Gill Griffiths               55         0.50
 43   17       Ann Thornton & David Matthews                   54         0.75
 44=  20       Christine Benson & Richard Acaster              52         0.50
 44=  32       Denis Robson & Val Robson                       52         0.50
 46   18       Peter Greaves & Brenda Greaves                  51         0.50
 47    9       Trevor Ward & Christine Skellon                 43         0.50
 48    3       Terry McCaughey & Alistair McKillop             42         0.50
 49   22  N    Ian Clough & Jackie Clough                      37         0.50
 50    8  N    Vivienne Newgrosh & Jacqueline Rich             31         0.50


Winners Kath Nelson and Michael Newman


Second Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield

Third Liz Commins and Paddy Murphy

Fourth John Holland and Gillian Whyte

Fifth equal

Fifth equal Bob Loveridge and Helen Montgomery
Alan Nelson and Michelle Brunner

Non expert

Non expert prize (and 9th overall)
Max and Sandra Richman

Ascenders prize Peter Jones (with Raymond Semp)

Gold Coast Congress

Several Manchester players went to Australia for a holiday and to play in the Gold Coast Congress.  Bill Hirst finished seventh in the A final of the pairs, while John Holland and Michelle Brunner were second in the B final.

In the Swiss teams John Holland, Michelle Brunner, Howard Melbourne, Bill and Andy Hirst finished sixth.  They reached the finals after winning closely fought quarter and semi final matches, but lost to a strong Australian team in the final.

Click here for the Gold Coast Congress web site

EBU Spring Congress

The EBU Spring Congress was held at Harrogate from 25-27th February.  In the Swiss pairs Kath and Alan Nelson were second, with Michael Byrne and Bryony Youngs fifth just ahead of Pauline and John Rudolf.

In the Swiss Teams Michael Byrne, Tom Slater, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield won by a large margin winning all their matches.  Also in three different teams which finished third equal were Joyce and Bill White; Sinead Bird and Sue Richmond; and David Adelman.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Newcomer's League


David Tattersall (second from left) presents the Newcomer's Trophy to
Simon and Claire Webb, Sonia Hopkinson and Peter Hallsworth

For the final round of the Newcomers Teams two of the eight teams were a pair short including the leaders after Round V in February.
This meant that Claire & Simon Webb were given the heavy responsibility of joining Sonia Hopkinson & Peter Hallsworth to try and defend their lead in the absence of Sonia and Peter's usual team mates of Christine Barrowclough & Nick Tarrier.  Claire & Simon performed their role of "Super Subs" admirably and succeeded in holding off the challenge of Mac Norgate, Kate Durham, Jeff Clark & Malcolm Allum.

1st Sonia Hopkinson, Peter Hallsworth, Christine Barrowclough, Nick Tarrier
2nd Mac Norgate, Kate Durham, Jeff Clark, Malcolm Allum, Ann Wood
3rd Mike Blundell, Donie O’Loughlin, Anne Kerr, Val Morgan
4th Judith Holland, Paula Oliver, Pam Dorian, Bryan Archer, Sean Mekie
5th Claire & Simon Webb, Harry Bennett, Peter Stott, Pam McKeon, Peter Wild, Nicholas Greer, Mike Coop, Kirstyn Fuller
6th Moira Bloomfield, Susan Tarr, Nancy Beattie, Jackie Shah, Duncan Watson
7th Amy Dean, Jo Krasner, Lionel Cox, Hans Kurer, Danny Doherty, Tim Kennedy, Peter Clothier
8th Pete & Chris Connolly, Carmel Williams, Linda Williams, Annie Curtis, Amanda Bellow, Babette Broadhurst, Sunny Howard

Cantor Cup
22 pairs participated in the Cantor Cup held this year at Manchester Bridge Club on Sunday 27th February.
This was an enjoyable and successful event, especially the tea and scones (just from the oven) served during the break.


Joint winners
Sean Mekie/Ciprian Florescu and Susan Tarr/Moira Bloomfield

Cantor winners being presented with their prizes by Martin Cantor

Thanks to Barbara Lewis and Stanley Blaiwais for organistion and directing.

    1=   1  Susan Tarr & Moira Bloomfield               62.73
  1=  17  Sean Mekie & Ciprian Florescu               62.73
  3   11  Sanjeet Kamath & Faye Georgiou              62.05
  4   10  Anthony Lawrence & Carol Frost              55.45
  5   22  Eugene Hutton & Avril Hutton                55.00
  6   18  Peter Wild & Pam Mc Keon                    54.09
  7    4  Donald Walton & Andrea Miills               52.73
  8=   9  Paul West & Diana Calvert                   51.14
  8=  15  Joan Hobson & Gordon Hodgson                51.14
 10=  13  Peter Connolly & Chris Connolly             48.86
 10=  14  Ross Allen & Sarinya Pasakawee              48.86
 12=   3  Doreen Cook & Shirley Pryce                 48.64
 12=  19  Bill Duncan & Graham Fletcher               48.64
 14    8  Tim Kennedy & Stephanie Mauser              48.18
 15=   7  Sally Bray & Judith Dunkerley               47.27
 15=  16  Tracey Shaw & Joan Youngjohns               47.27
 17   21  Julie Grace & Stewart Grace                 47.05
 18=  12  Nancy Beattie & Jackie Shah                 45.91
 18=  20  Carol Mc Kinnon & Anne Richardson           45.91
 20    2  Malcolm Alum & Kate Durham                  45.68
 21    5  Patricia Sturrock & Rosemary Bedale         35.45
 22    6  Annie Curtis & Amanda Beelew                35.23

Michael Byrne and Mike Bell played for England in the second weekend of Camrose matches at Llandrindod Wells (4-6th March).  England finished second to the Welsh team.  Michael and Mike played very well overall, finishing third best of all pairs in the Butler ranking.

Tollemache Final - Manchester 2nd (again)
The Manchester team of John Holland, Michelle Brunner, Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, John Hassett, David Debbage, Gary Hyett and Rodney Lighton (npc Rhona Goldenfield) played in the Tollemache final  (12-13th Feb) at Hinckley.

Manchester started well with good wins against the North East and Gloucester followed by a narrow victory against Surrey.  At this point we were leading, but the last match on Saturday was a loss to Cambridge, leaving us in fourth place, though the first four teams were very close together.

On Sunday our poor form continued with losses to Avon and Hertfordshire leaving us in third place.  A good last match win against Kent, the pre-tournament favourites, meant that we jumped into second place, though well behind the North East who won every match after their first round loss to Manchester.  This is the second year running that Manchester have finished second.

Michael Byrne and Michael Newman were, by far, our best pair.

Thanks to Rhona Goldenfield (npc) and Bernard Goldenfield (scorer) for their efforts in supporting the team.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Gerard Faulkner Salver
In the EBU's senior knockout event  two predominantly Manchester teams have reached the semi-finals,  Joy and Irving Blakey with Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield and John Hassett, Jeff Morris and John Holland playing with Clive Owen from the North-East.  The first mentioned team won the event a couple of years ago.

National Swiss Teams
The National Swiss Teams Congress took place at Hinckley on 29-30th January.

Michael Byrne playing with Chris Dixon, Ben Paske and Graeme Robertson finished second, with Kath and Alan Nelson sixth and overnight leaders John Holland and Michelle Brunner eighth.

For full results click here.

Lady Milne Trials
Manchester players Tracy Capal (playing with Jill Feldman of London) and Laura Bonney (playing with her university partner) took part in the trials in London on 22-23rd January.   Both pairs finished well out of contention.

Gazette Cup
The inter club teams of eight was held at Altrincham Bridge Club on Sunday 23rd January.  Six teams took part, with Manchester Bridge Club's A team emerging as the winners by a large margin.  They qualify to represent Manchester in the Northern Counties final of the Garden Cities Trophy.

Thanks to Pat Buxton for providing refreshments for the teams and to Jeff Smith for directing.

1    3  Manchester A                                                          90    
          M Byrne, M Newman, J Hassett, G Hyett
          D Debbage, M Brunner, B Goldenfield, R Goldenfield
  2    1  Manchester B                                                          62    
          Dave Matthews, Ann Thornton, Eddie Thornton-Chan, Ben Beever
          Karen Reissman, Irene Davies, John Fitzgerald ,Gillian McMullan
  3    6  Cheadle B                                                             50    
          Rod Franks, Tony Coley, Alastair McKillop, Terry McCaughey
          Paul Worswick, Gill Griffiths, Pat Burrows, David Berrisford
  4    5  Cheadle A                                                             45    
          Eve Lighthill, Barbara Lewis, Sue Richmond, David Pennington
          Pauline Lang, Steve Mattison, John Currie, Royce Alexander
  5    2  Altrincham                                                            34    
          A Drysdale, A Edwards, G Campbell, L Barnes
          R Jackson, R Acaster, M Jabbar, Mariam Jabbar
  6    4  Bramhall                                                              23    
          Jim Morris, Jenny Morris, Richard Sinton, Kevin Higgins
          Bill White, Joyce White, Dhun Daji, Howard Stubbings

Manchester Congress

Manchester's annual friendly congress took place at the Renaissance Hotel on 8-9th January.

Not only was it much warmer outside this year than last, the competitors were pleased to find that it was also very much warmer inside!
There was a very good turnout for both the main events, though the novices' events were unfortunately poorly supported.

As usual everyone enjoyed themselves and it was pleasing to see many visitors from all over the country and a good number of juniors playing.  Barry Myers and Steve Eginton returned to Manchester to play bridge here for the first time for twenty plus years.

There seemed to be hundreds of prizes handed out and a fair number of the prizes went to the non-usual suspects.

Special congratulations to Michael Newman and his young team of Sinead Bird, Tom Slater and Basil Letts for a fine performance in winning the teams event in a strong field.  This was Michael's first win in the event since 1984.  The partnerships in the winning team were all new for the weekend.  Sally Brock (playing with Barry Myers) won the mixed pairs for the second time, the first being in 1987, I believe that she hasn't played in between.

The pairs event was won by Michael Byrne and Simon Cope, with Wyn Williams and Barry Wennell from North Wales putting in a consistent performance over the two sessions to finish second.

Stephen Ward and Michael Wymer from Manchester were the leading pair in the tournament master category, finishing just outside the top ten, but ahead of many expert pairs.

Thanks to internationals Sally Brock and Patrick Jourdain for presenting the pairs and teams prizes respectively, to the directors David Stevenson, David Collier and Stanley Blaiwais for the smooth running of the event.

Special thanks to Kevin Comrie and his team of helpers who worked so hard to make this, yet again, such an enjoyable event.

Click on links below for ranking lists

Teams A Final
Teams B Final
Teams C Final

Novice Pairs Saturday Afternoon
Rank Pair Names                                         Total   Max  Score%
  1    1  Ian Bates & Robert Bagot                      77.68   102  76.16
  2    5  Noel Christopher & Tony Miles                 58.00   102  56.86
  3    8  Paul West & Diana Calvert                     51.67   102  50.66
  4    3  Kate Durham & Mac Norgate                     49.34   108  45.69
  5    6  Pam Dorian & Jessica Smith                    48.66   108  45.06
  6    7  Paula Oliver & Judith Holland                 48.34   108  44.76
  7    4  Jo Krasner & Amy Dean                         48.33   108  44.75
  8    2  Annie Curtis & Amanda Bellew                  37.98   102  37.24

Pairs 1st

Pairs winners Simon Cope and Michael Byrne
(also B Teams winners with Graeme Robertson and Ben Paske)
Pairs 2nd

Pairs second place
Wyn Williams and Barry Wennell from North Wales

Ladies pairs Jacqueline Rich and Vivienne Newgrosh

Mens pairs

Mens pairs Bernard Goldenfield and Jim Luck

Mixed pairs Sally Brock and Barry Myers

Mixed 2nd

Second in mixed pairs Alan Nelson and Michelle Brunner

Ascenders prize Maggie Pearce and Tom Ready


First session prize John Hassett and David Debbage

Second session prize Liz Commins (and David Flacks)


Best Junior Sinead Bird
Teams 1st

Teams winners
Basil Letts, Michael Newman, Tom Slater and Sinead Bird

Teams 2nd

Teams Second
Paul Casselle and Alan Williams (with Joy and Irving Blakey)
Teams 3rd

Teams third
Rodney Lighton, Steve Eginton, Barry Myers, Sally Brock

B Teams 2nd

B Teams second
Roy Moore, Paul Hackett and Martin Taylor (with Justin Hackett)
C Teams

C teams winners
Lynn and Paul Hepworth, Julia and Barrie Newall


Highest pair outside main prizes Joy and Irving Blakey

Quiz winners

Michael Coop, Kirstyn Fuller, Ross Allen, Laura Bonney, Nicholas Greer
Reissman Davies

Quiz second prize

Irene Davies and Karen Reissman

Other prize winners not photographed were

Tournament Masters
First: Michael Wymer & Stephen Ward
Second:  Anne Jeater & Barbara Moore

Teams Qualifying Sections
Eve Lighthill, Sidney Travers, Ian Kane, Kenneth Hassell
Alan Whittam, Paul Evans, Desmond King, Tony Wilkinson
Philip Mott, Nicholas Greer, Michael Coop, Kirstyn Fuller

LEAGUE 2010-2011

List of Players

  Division 1 Iso Sai Aga Cur Man Gra Inv God Fin Pro Tea Adj Total Played Average
1 Isolated Menaces * 18 24 16 16 22 19 20 2 23 25 0 185.00 10 18.50 C
2 Saint Titus 12 * 22 3 17 16 18 22 28 19 24 0 181.00 10 18.10
3 Agamemnon 6 8 * 30 20 20 22 5 24 23 16 0 174.00 10 17.40
4 Curry Eaters 14 27 0 * 11 23 8 21 16 21 22 0 163.00 10 16.30
5 Manchester J 14 13 10 19 * 16 7 14 23 22 22 0 160.00 10 16.00
6 Grasshoppers 8 14 10 7 14 * 16 30 30 12 19 0 160.00 10 16.00
7 Inverted Minors 11 12 8 22 23 14 * 11 9 13 24 0 147.00 10 14.70
8 God's Waiting Room 10 8 25 9 16 0 19 * 15 21 15 0 138.00 10 13.80
9 Finesse 28 2 6 14 7 0 21 15 * 17 13 0 123.00 10 12.30 R
10 Proteus 7 11 7 9 8 18 17 9 13 * 23 0 122.00 10 12.20 R
11 Team Mayhem 5 6 14 8 8 11 6 15 17 7 * 0 97.00 10 9.70 R

  Division 2 D A By Cri Pet Tem Man Lea Sed Fou Che Adj Total Played Average
1 D A S H * 16 16 14 17 30 30 23 19 27 0 192.00 9 21.33 P
2 By 1 Imp! 14 * 27 20 15 12 16 30 20 25 0 179.00 9 19.89 P
3 Crimes & Misdemeanours 14 3 * 21 13 6 20 26 29 21 0 153.00 9 17.00 P
4 Petersfield 16 10 9 * 9 19 22 27 17 21 0 150.00 9 16.67
5 Tempo 13 15 17 21 * 17 7 8 25 10 0 133.00 9 14.78
6 Manchester S 0 18 24 11 13 * 18 9 17 23 0 133.00 9 14.78
7 Leaders With Attitude 0 14 10 8 23 12 * 18 20 20 0 125.00 9 13.89
8 Sedgeley 7 0 4 3 22 21 12 * 19 24 0 112.00 9 12.44 R
9 Four J's 11 10 1 13 5 13 10 11 * 19 0 93.00 9 10.33 R
10 Cheshire Cheeses 3 5 9 9 20 7 10 6 11 * 0 80.00 9 8.89 R

  Division 3 Tri Nor Man Cro Whi Red Ast Fou Bes Alt Adj Total Played Average
1 Tricksters * 14 28 26 12 9 30 19 23 14 0 175.00 9 19.44 P
2 North Star 16 * 13 15 17 27 16 11 25 17 0 157.00 9 17.44 P
3 Manchester A 2 17 * 24 14 13 13 30 19 24 0 156.00 9 17.33 P
4 Cross Roughs 4 15 6 * 26 12 14 23 20 28 0 148.00 9 16.44
5 Whitefield Albatrosses 18 13 16 4 * 13 21 24 16 17 0 142.00 9 15.78
6 Red Bull 21 3 17 18 17 * 15 14 13 14 0 132.00 9 14.67
7 Astrazeneca Old Boys 0 14 17 16 9 15 * 14 18 22 0 125.00 9 13.89 R
8 Four Pips 11 19 0 7 6 16 16 * 16 AV+ 0 109.38 9 12.15 R
9 Besses Force 7 5 11 10 14 17 12 14 * 19 0 109.00 9 12.11 R
10 Altrincham A 16 13 6 2 13 16 8 Def 11 * 0 85.00 9 9.44 R

  Division 4A Hin Far Rue Can Ash Mon Wat Dou Alt Man Adj Total Played Average
1 Hindsight Convention * 16 13 22 18 30 16 30 19 25 0 189.00 9 21.00 P
2 Farokh's Googlies 14 * 10 16 28 20 30 14 27 16 0 175.00 9 19.44 P
3 Rueful Rabbits 17 20 * 9 12 30 19 19 23 23 0 172.00 9 19.11
4 Canute B 8 14 21 * 9 12 16 30 19 30 0 159.00 9 17.67
5 Ashton Aces 12 2 18 21 * 19 6 23 27 29 0 157.00 9 17.44
6 Monton Misfits 0 10 0 18 11 * 29 24 12 24 0 128.00 9 14.22
7 Watchus 14 0 11 14 24 1 * 9 17 16 0 106.00 9 11.78
8 Double Diamonds 0 16 11 0 7 6 21 * 18 25 0 104.00 9 11.56
9 Altrincham Z 11 3 7 11 3 18 13 12 * 22 0 100.00 9 11.11 R
10 Manchester Cardinals 5 14 7 0 1 6 14 5 8 * 0 60.00 9 6.67 R

  Division 4B Gro Hyd Ast Lan Car Dav Ruf Roc Tra Hea Adj Total Played Average
1 Grosvenor Wednesday * 9 16 18 21 8 18 21 26 24 0 161.00 9 17.89 P
2 Hydrangeas 21 * 16 14 9 13 12 18 29 23 0 155.00 9 17.22 P
3 Astrazeneca Kings 14 14 * 17 9 30 18 14 22 17 0 155.00 9 17.22
4 Lancelot 12 16 13 * 12 15 22 23 23 17 0 153.00 9 17.00
5 Cardiff Aces 9 21 21 18 * 8 28 11 3 23 0 142.00 9 15.78
6 Davenport A 22 17 0 15 22 * 14 25 10 14 0 139.00 9 15.44
7 Ruff Diamonds 12 18 12 8 2 16 * 17 15 30 0 130.00 9 14.44
8 Rochdale Aces 9 12 16 7 19 5 13 * 25 AV+ 0 126.19 9 14.02
9 Trafford Tigers 4 1 8 7 27 20 15 5 * 21 0 108.00 9 12.00 R
10 Hearts & Minds 6 7 13 13 7 16 0 Def 9 * 0 71.00 9 7.89 R

  Division 5A Win Kid Rad Ast Shi Knu Sci Can Und Adj Total Played Average
1 Winning Ways * 26 27 18 15 23 19 23 16 0 167.00 8 20.88 P
2 Kids 4 * 9 17 29 23 26 25 19 0 152.00 8 19.00 P
3 Radbroke Bandits 3 21 * 9 19 13 20 27 30 0 142.00 8 17.75
4 Astrazeneca Stars 12 13 21 * 5 18 28 13 18 0 128.00 8 16.00
5 Shine 15 1 11 25 * 14 19 18 14 0 117.00 8 14.63
6 Knut Vulnerables 7 7 17 12 16 * 16 20 19 0 114.00 8 14.25
7 Science Sagas 11 4 10 2 11 14 * 12 29 0 93.00 8 11.63
8 Canute C 7 5 3 17 12 10 18 * 17 0 89.00 8 11.13 R
9 Underclubbed 14 11 0 12 16 11 1 13 * 0 78.00 8 9.75 R

  Division 5B Mid Ast Tra Cra Tri Hop Mco Bri Mon Adj Total Played Average
1 Midland Railway * 16 13 26 16 15 10 30 23 0 149.00 8 18.63 P
2 Astrazeneca Aces 14 * 19 20 0 8 23 29 AV+ 0 135.70 8 16.96 P
3 Transfers 17 11 * 7 13 26 17 19 AV+ 0 132.48 8 16.56
4 Craig's Crusaders 4 10 23 * 14 20 18 20 AV+ 0 131.41 8 16.43
5 Trio 14 30 17 16 * 3 22 6 19 0 127.00 8 15.88
6 Hopscotch 15 22 4 10 27 * 9 17 22 0 126.00 8 15.75
7 Mcotcha 20 7 13 12 8 21 * 16 AV+ 0 118.55 8 14.82
8 Bridge Builders 0 1 11 10 24 13 14 * 29 0 102.00 8 12.75 R
9 Monday Girls 7 Def Def Def 11 8 Def 1 * 0 27.00 8 3.38 R

  Division 6A Eur Lov Spi Jac Car Ove Bro Wee Poi Adj Total Played Average
1 Eureka * 0 21 18 24 30 23 30 30 0 176.00 8 22.00 P
2 Love Hearts 30 * 18 9 21 27 28 24 17 0 174.00 8 21.75 P
3 Spinning Tops 9 12 * 5 7 27 27 20 30 0 137.00 8 17.13
4 Jackals 12 21 25 * 10 8 17 15 28 0 136.00 8 17.00
5 Card Sharps 6 9 23 20 * 23 1 22 27 0 131.00 8 16.38
6 Overtrick Lunatics 0 3 3 22 7 * 15 21 30 0 101.00 8 12.63
7 Brookdale Spades 7 2 3 13 29 15 * 14 18 0 101.00 8 12.63
8 Week 2s 0 6 10 15 8 9 16 * 26 0 90.00 8 11.25 R
9 Pointless 0 13 0 2 3 0 12 4 * 0 34.00 8 4.25 R

  Division 6B The Dou And Bom Eni Cap Adl Sla Adj Total Played Average
1 The 6 Diamonds * 29 9 9 16 23 24 24 0 134.00 7 19.14 P
2 Double Trouble 1 * 23 17 15 28 21 21 0 126.00 7 18.00 P
3 Andrew's Aces 21 7 * 23 13 12 21 20 0 117.00 7 16.71
4 Bombay Sapphires 21 13 7 * Def 20 20 14 0 95.00 7 13.57
5 Enigmas 14 15 17 Def * 12 16 21 0 95.00 7 13.57
6 Cappelletti Crew 7 2 18 10 18 * 6 30 0 91.00 7 13.00
7 Adlan 6 9 9 10 14 24 * 16 0 88.00 7 12.57 R
8 Slams R Us 6 9 10 16 9 0 14 * 0 64.00 7 9.14 R

Goldstone Trophy 2010-2011

Semi Final
Play by Jan 16th
Play by May 10th

Barbara Lewis

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

Jeff Morris

David Barton

David Barton

Michael Byrne

Jeff Morris, John Hassett, Irving and Joy Blakey
David Barton, Alan Jones, Martin Braid, Michael Clark