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2016 News and Results

Blackpool Year End Congress
John Holland and Alan Mould won the Swiss Pairs on 28-29th December with overnight leaders Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield finishing fourth.  In fifth place were Kevin Higgins and Richard Acaster who also won the B category prize.
In the Swiss Teams on December 30th Peter Jones was second with
Paddy Murphy, Liz Commins and David Stevenson.  Third and category B winners were Janet Tolan, Andy Green, Michael Wymer and Stephen Ward.  Haidee Tattersall won the C category of the teams with Olwen Renowden, Edward Jones and John Councer.
Congratulations to all, full results are on the EBU web site.

Goldstone Upset
Congratulations to The Four Dummies (Karen Jones, Lillian Syme, Barbara Eastabrook, Judy Yates) from division five who have beaten Tricksters from division two to set up a quarter final match against Michael Byrne's St Titus team.

Seniors and Juniors
Seniors Trials took place at the West Midlands Bridge Club on 17-18th December.  John Holland and Paul Hackett were in the team which finished second.
Junior teams played in the Channel Trophy in London from 16th-18th December.  Manchester's Alex Birchall was in the Under 26 team and Michael Byrne was npc for the U21s.  All the junior teams finished second in their respective events.  Results are on the EBU web site.

Radio 4 at MBC
Members of the Monday afternoon class at Manchester Bridge Club featured on an item about the GCHQ puzzle book broadcast on Wednesday 7th December at 12.15.  The item was on the programme "You and Yours" and is available here about 6 mins into the program.

Llangollen Swiss Teams
Winners at Llangollen over the weekend of 3rd-4th December were Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield, John Holland and Jackie Pye ahead of Michael Byrne, Fiona Brown, Ciaran Coyne and Hugh McGann.  Congratulations to them; full results are on the North Wales site.

Ben Franks
A perfect number of pairs (26) meant that everyone played two boards against every other pair over two sessions at Manchester Bridge club on Sunday 27th November.  In a very close finish John Holland and Michael Byrne won, with Rodney Lighton and John Currie second, Alan Mould and Alec Smalley third and Nicholas Greer and John Parsons fourth.  These pairs qualify for the Corwen Trophy in June.  Andrew Jackson and Graham Campbell were the top placed intermediates, finishing in eleventh place.  John Holland has now won the event seven times, more than any other player. 
In the player of the year competition John Holland leads after two events.  In the Intermediate category there is a four way tie for first place between Judith Dunkerley, Sally Bray, Chris Baker and Jim O'Neill.
Thanks to Ann Thornton for organising the event, Jeff Smith for directing and Irene Davies for presenting the prizes.  Detailed results are on the Manchester Bridge Club web site.

Winners John Holland and Michael Byrne
with MCBA Chairman Irene Davies

Second Rodney Lighton and John Currie

Third Alan Mould and Alec Smalley

Intermediate prize Graham Campbell and Andrew Jackson


Ascenders prize Pete Foster and John Roberts

Pos Cat No Players Match
Tops Score
1   20
John Holland & Michael Byrne
721.30 1200 60.11 78
2   5
Rodney Lighton & John Currie
709.91 1200 59.16 72
3   23
Alec Smalley & Alan Mould
705.89 1200 58.82 66
4   7
Nicholas Greer & John Parsons
691.54 1200 57.63 60
5   3
Gordon Bickley & Ann Farquhar
666.70 1200 55.56 54
6   13
Janet Tolan & Andy Green
663.91 1200 55.33 48
7   15
John Roberts & Peter Foster
659.92 1200 54.99 42
8   12
Kath & Alan Nelson
645.74 1200 53.81 36
9   25
John Hassett & Robert Myers
641.83 1200 53.49 30
10   17
Peter Jones & Raymond Semp
627.46 1200 52.29 24
11 INT 21
Graham Campbell & Andrew Jackson
624.75 1200 52.06 18
12   6
Karen Reissmann & Irene Davies
618.20 1200 51.52 12
13   19
Victor Ridding & Mary Green
614.05 1200 51.17 6
14   26
David Hammonds & Paul Worswick
585.27 1200 48.77  
15   2
Eve Lighthill & Barbara Lewis
582.91 1200 48.58  
16   16
Michael Wymer & Paul Murray
580.59 1200 48.38  
17   9
Michael Parr & Pauline Lang
574.11 1200 47.84  
18   1
Barbara Eastabrook & Ian Kane
571.62 1200 47.64  
19 INT 14
Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill
564.80 1200 47.07  
20   4
Eddie Thornton-Chan & Graham Currie
564.15 1200 47.01  
21 INT 10
David Tattersall & Graham Wood
553.50 1200 46.13  
22 INT 18
Sally Bray & Judith Dunkerley
502.84 1200 41.90  
23 INT 22
Linda Williams & Ann Thornton
501.67 1200 41.81  
24 INT 11
Henry Bissell & Josh Clarke
483.53 1200 40.29  
25 INT 24
Diana Calvert & Hazel Powell
477.63 1200 39.80  
26 INT 8
Adam Wiseberg & Joan Lewis
466.17 1200 38.85

EBU Selection Committee
Manchester's Alan Mould and Ollie Burgess have been elected to the EBU selection committee at the EBU AGM in November.

Tony Priday Award
Congratulations to Jeff Smith who has become the second recipient of the Tony Priday Award for an outstanding contribution to bridge.
Jeff has been involved in county administration and tournament directing in Manchester and Lancashire and has developed the scoring software used by the EBU and many of its clubs.

Foundation Cup
Congratualtions to Peter Foster, John Roberts, Neil Thomas and Gillian McMullan who won the teams event at Blackburn on Sunday 20th November.
Full results are on the Blackburn web site.

Tolly Qualy - Manchester Scrape Through
Manchester's finest played in the inter county teams of eight on 19-20th Nov. in Birmingham.  The team of John Holland, Gary Hyett, Alan Mould, Ollie Burgess, Tom Slater, Alec Smalley, Michael Byrne, Michael Newman (npc Rhona Goldenfield), with Bernard Goldenfield substituting seven boards for Ollie Burgess, were drawn in group A against Leicester, Lancashire, North East, Berks & Bucks, Channel Islands, Norfolk, Derbyshire and Northants.  After lying sixth after the first session on Saturday, and fourth at the end of Saturday, they spent most of Sunday battling for second place with Lancashire but miles behind Berks and Bucks.  Eventually a ruling went Manchester's way and they scraped through by 1 VP.

Alan Mould and Ollie Burgess were best on the cross IMPs (apart from Bernard who led the whole field by virtue of his seven boards).  John and Gary also scored respectably, while the Michaels and Tom and Alec were slightly negative.

Aviemore Congress
A few Manchester players went North to the Aviemore congress on the 12-13th November.  Winners of the consolation teams were Bill and Joyce White playing with Babs and Tim Matthews of Cumbria.  Second were Neil Thomas, Gillian McMullan, Dave Hammonds and Corrine Ross who were also second in the Swiss Teams.
Results are here.

Consolation Winners
Bill & Joyce White, Babs & Tim Matthews

Pendle Witch Pairs
About a dozen Manchester pairs went to Brierfield on Sunday 13th November for the enjoyable Pendle Witch Pairs.  Winners were Boris Ewart (making a rare appearance) and Peter Foster, with last year's winners John Currie and Rodney Lighton third and Andy Green and Janet Tolan fifth.  Peter Jones and Adam Wiseberg were second in the non-expert category.
Full results on the Brierfield club web site

Seniors Congress
Congratulations to Kath and Alan Nelson winners in the pairs at the EBU Seniors Congress in Reading on 5th November.
Full results are on the EBU web site.

Autumn Intermediate Pairs
31 pairs enjoyed the event, the director, scorer and helpers from Altrincham Bridge Club ensured a successful afternoon on Sunday 6th November.  Thanks to Barbara Lewis, Margaret Harris and Ann Thornton for their hard work.

Winners Margaret Kelly (Ann Thornton Tournament Secretary) and Liz Downie

Second Anthony O'Neill and Patricia Gorman


Third Peter Allison and Helen Nightingale

Fourth Phillip Taylor and John Browning


Fifth Andrew Jackson and Graham Campbell


Sixth Hillary Boydell and Haidee Tattersall
Spot prize

Spot prize Hazel Powell and Carol McKinnon

1    Margaret Kelly & Liz Downie         64.06
2    Patricia Gorham & Anthony O'Neill   63.63
3    Helen Nightingale & Peter Allison   60.98
4    Phillip Taylor & John Browning      60.70
5    Graham Campbell & Andrew Jackson    57.30
6    Haidee Tattersall & Hilary Boydell  57.10
7    Henry Bissell & Josh Clarke         54.89
8    Annie Curtis & Jackie Lowrie        53.87
9    Adam Wiseberg & Jonathan Engler     53.79
10    Sue Howard & Ken Doodson           53.61
11    Angela Ashleigh & Wendy Burton     52.79
12    Pam Hegarty & Jackie Watton        52.71
13    Michael Kisk & Ralph Deane         51.88
14    Lisa Czyniewska & Mary Green       51.52
15    Graham Wood & David Tattersall     51.23
16    Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill          51.03
17    Susan Triggs & Graham Winn         50.26
18    Tracy Shaw & Tricia Sturrock       49.99
19    Adele Hodari & Suzanne Beckett     49.48
20    Andrea Mills & Dave Welsh          48.55
21    Hazel Powell & Carol McKinnon      48.45
22    Adrienne Stone & Mark Gomme        45.79
23    Mac Norgate & Carolyn Jones        44.80
24    David Murray & Andrea O'Rafferty   42.42
25    Margaret Harris & Pat Turner       42.17
26    Ally Oliver & Judith Lambert       41.70
27    Paul West & Rak Kapur              39.76
28    Wendy & Ruth Verber                39.64
29    Jane MacGruer & Barbara Herring    39.12
30    Dianne Hutchinson & Catherine Kramer 37.72
31    Gillian Maguire & Brian Lee        37.62

More detailed results are on the Altrincham Bridge Club web site

Lancashire Green Point Events
Lancashire held two one day green point events on the 29-30th October.  Congratulations to Kath and Alan Nelson who won the teams on Sunday at Blackburn with Jeff Smith and Jackie Pye of Lancashire.  Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield were third in the pairs at Brierfield on Saturday and also third in the teams with John Currie and Rodney Lighton.  Results are on the Lancashire web site.

Premier League
The EBU trial for the Camrose Trophy was played over three successive weekends this autumn.  In the second division John Holland's team won gaining promotion to the first division next year.  Alan Mould's team were second also gaining promotion.  Gary Hyett substituted one weekend in Alan's team.  Michael Byrne's team finished fifth in the first division and stay up.

Results can be found on the EBU web site.

Chester Bowl
Many Manchester pairs went to Deva Bridge club for the charity pairs event on Sunday 23rd October.  Most successful were Lance Bloohn and Roger Hopton who were third in the consolation final and John Currie and Rodney Lighton second in the main final.  Full results are here.

North Wales Swiss Pairs
Congratulations to Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield who won at Shotton on Sunday 9th October, John Holland and Tony Coley were third.
Full results are here.

Northern League Final Round - Manchester win A and B Divisions
The final round of Northern league matches took place on Saturday 8th October.
In the A division at Bolton, Manchester, fielding their Tollemache team, won on the day and increased their overall lead to finish nine VPs ahead of Yorkshire 2.  The team was Alan Mould/Ollie Burgess, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater, John Holland/Gary Hyett, Michael Byrne/Michael Newman.  Tom and Alec were our best pair on the cross IMPs.  The A2 team of Kath & Alan Nelson, Royce Alexander/John Currie, Sylvia Massey/Herbert Potts, Raymond Semp/Peter Jones finished fifth on the day and sixth overall.  Peter and Raymond were the best of our A2 pairs.

The B division was played at Bradford where our team of Pete Foster/John Roberts, Gillian McMullan/Neil Thomas, Eve Lighthill/Ken Hassell, Robert & Joyce Jones had an excellent day, winning the day's event and overtaking Cumbria to take the division title.  Special congratulations to Neil and Gillian who were the best pair in the division on the cross IMPs with 1.5 IMPs per board and to Eve and Ken who were second with 1.07 IMPs per board.

The C division was played at Manchester where our team of Irene Davies/Karen Reissmann, Ann Thornton/Paul Murray, Joan Lewis/Roy Higginbottom, Liz and Stephen Halstead finished seventh on the day and overall.  Irene and Karen were our best pair on cross IMPs.

Detailed results are here

B Winners

NBL B Division Winners
Ken Hassell, Joyce Jones, Gillian McMullan, Neil Thomas,
Pete Foster, John Roberts, Eve Lighthill, Robert Jones

Cumbria Green Point Weekend
Manchester players were out in force at the Cumbria event on 24th-25th September.  Best results were achieved by Joyce and Bill White with Tim and Babs Matthews of Cumbria who were second in the Swiss Teams, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield with Joy and Irving Blakey were fourth and Bernard and Rhona again who were third in the Swiss Pairs. Full results are here.

World Bridge Games
The World Bridge Games take place in Wroclaw, Poland from 3rd to 17th September.  England are represented in the Open, Women's, Seniors and Mixed events with Manchester interest in the Seniors where John Holland plays with Brian Senior, Patrick Collins, David Kendrick, Sandra Penfold and Norman Selway with Paul Hackett npc.

The Seniors failed to progress to the knock-out stages, John Holland and Paul Hackett led the Seniors Pairs after Friday's sessions, but slipped to ninth place by the finish on Saturday.

Click here for the event web site

Northern League Round 3
The third round of Northern league matches took place on Saturday 10th September.
In the A division at Bradford, Manchester were third on the day and just retained their overall lead four VPs ahead of Yorkshire 2.  The team was Alan Mould/Rob Myers, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater, Kath & Alan Nelson, Joy & Irving Blakey.  Tom and Alec were our best pair on the cross IMPs.  The A2 team of Pete Foster/John Roberts, Joyce & Bill White, David Sarabowski/Andy Green, Raymond Semp/Peter Jones finished fifth equal on the day.
The B division was played at Keighley where our team of Steve Mattinson/David Pennington, Gillian McMullan/Roger Hopton, Nicholas Greer/Neil Thomas, Herbert Potts/Sylvia Massey were fifth equal on the day and surrendered their overall lead by four IMPs to Cumbria.  Neil and Nick were our only pair to score positive on the cross IMPs.
The C division was played at Brierfield where our team of Gordon Bickley/John Parry, Ken Hassell/Adam Wiseberg, Paul Beckwith/Paul Worswick, Anne Whitehead/Haidee Tattersall finished fourth equal but remain in last place overall.  Paul and Paul were our best pair on cross IMPs.

Bolton Congress
Bolton Bridge Club's annual congress was held over the weekend of 2nd-4th September.  As usual it was a friendly event with a good buffet tea.  Congratulations to Rodney Lighton, John Currie, Nicholas Greer and Neil Thomas who won the Swiss Teams on Sunday for the second year running in a field of seventeen teams.  Third equal were Howard Melbourne, Barbara Travis, Alan Mould, Ollie Burgess and Ed Levy, Rob Myers, Laura Covill, Rob Dixon.  In the pairs Chris Hine and Stephen Ward did very well to finish second.  Rob Myers was third with Phil Godfrey of Yorkshire.  Rhona Goldenfield and Marianne Farr were second in the Ladies Pairs.  Turnout was up by about 50% over last year.
Full results are on the Bolton Club website.

Tollemache Qualifying
The selection committee has chosen the following team to represent Manchester in the qualifying round of the inter county teams of eight on 19-20th November.
Michael Newman & Michael Byrne
John Holland & Gary Hyett
Alec Smalley & Tom Slater
Alan Mould & Ollie Burgess
npc Rhona Goldenfield

Eastbourne Summer Meeting
The EBU's main congress has moved from Brighton to Eastbourne this year.  The Swiss Pairs was the main event of the first weekend from 19th-21st August.  Last year's winners Michael Byrne and Kieran Dyke finished fourth, with John Holland and Alan Nelson 13th in a field of 270 pairs. 
Kath Nelson and Bill Hirst (ex Manchester, now Kent) were second in the senior pairs, with Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield sixth.
Michael Byrne was second in the Tuesday Open Pairs with Jonathan Richards, and also second in the GCH Fox Championship Pairs with Ewa Kater.
Michael Byrne was second again in the mixed pivot teams with Mike Bell, Sarah O'Connor and Ben Norton, with Gary Hyett third with Ros and Geoffrey Wolfarth and Brian Senior.
And another second place, this time for Kath and Alan Nelson, Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield in the Senior Swiss Teams.
And finally a win for Michael Byrne in the midweek knockout teams with Tom Townsend, Alex Hydes, Sarah O'Connor, Tom Paske and Ewa Kater.

In the Swiss Teams the top eight teams after three sessions finishing on Saturday play an all play all A final on Sunday, with the next eight in the B final.
Congratulations to Alec Smalley, Michael Newman, Toby Nonnenmacher and Alex Roberts who have done very well to finish fourth just behind John Holland playing with Ben Green, Sally Brock and Barry Myers and Gary Hyett playing with Howard Melbourne, Barbara Travis and Fiona Brown.
Michael Byrne playing with Kieran Dyke, Mike Bell and Fiona Brown has qualified for the B final.

In the A final congratulations to Gary Hyett's team who won, with John Holland's team second, while Alec, Michael, Toby and Alex finished eighth.
In the B final Michael Byrne's team were third.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Michelle Brunner Memorial
The annual charity event in memory of Michelle Brunner and in aid of Christie Hospital and St Ann Hospice was held at Manchester Bridge Club on Saturday 13th August.

Ollie Burgess spoke eloquently of his memories of Michelle and her great help especially when starting his bridge career.
Nineteen teams then sat down to play a mixed pivot Swiss event under the direction of Mike and Sarah Amos.
Kath & Alan Nelson, Jeff Morris and Michael Newman were winners well ahead of Raymond Semp, John Hassett, Barry Myers and Sally Brock.

Result of the day was achieved by the intermediate trophy winners John and Catherine Ashworth, Barbara Heaton and Paul Vose who were third.

At the interval Simon Alexander auctioned off various items effectively and then the raffle was drawn by Eve Lighthill.  In all 1700 was raised.
Thanks to Jeff Morris and Manchester Bridge Club staff for hosting, Simon Alexander for auctioneering, Susan Triggs, Graham Winn and Eve Lighthill for the raffle and to Sarah and Mike Amos for directing (for which they waived their fee) and to everyone else who helped.

Full results are on the Manchester Bridge Club site.

Simon Alexander auctions memorabilia

Eve Lighthill conducts the raffle


Winners Alan Nelson, Michael Newman, Kath Nelson, Jeff Morris

Second Raymond Semp, Barry Myers, Sally Brock, John Hassett


Third and Intermediate Prize Paul Vose, John Ashworth, Catherine Ashworth, Barbara Heaton

Northern Bridge League Selections
The selection committee has selected the players below for the final two Northern league matches.
Saturday 10th September
A1 at Bradford
A2 at Bradford
B at Keighley
C at Brierfield
Kath & Alan Nelson
Michael Byrne & Michael Newman
Tom Slater & Alec Smalley
Alan Mould & Ollie Burgess
Raymond Semp & Peter Jones
Joyce & Bill White
John Roberts & Peter Foster
Andy Green & David Sarabowski
Sylvia Massey & Herbert Potts
Steve Mattinson & David Pennington
Neil Thomas & Nicholas Greer
Roger Hopton & David Fussell
Paul Beckwith & Dave Hammonds
Gordon Bickley & Ann Farquhar
Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill
Haidee Tattersall & Anne Whitehead
Saturday 8th October
A1 at Bolton
A2 at Bolton
B at Bradford
C at Manchester
Alan Mould & Ollie Burgess
Michael Byrne & Michael Newman
Irving & Joy Blakey
Tom Slater & Alec Smalley
Kath & Alan Nelson
Raymond Semp & Peter Jones
John Currie & Royce Alexander
Sylvia Massey & Herbert Potts
Joyce Jones & Robert Jones
Eve Lighthill & Ken Hassell
Neil Thomas & Gillian McMullan
John Roberts & Peter Foster
Liz & Stephen Halstead
Joan Lewis & Roy Higginbottom
Irene Davies & Karen Reissmann
Janet Tolan & Victor Ridding

Preston Summer Pairs
Congratulations to Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield who won the Preston Summer Pairs on Sunday 7th August.  Full results are here

Northern Bridge League Match 2
Manchester now lead in both the A and B divisions after the matches on Saturday 6th August.
In the A division at Bradford the team of Alan Mould/Ollie Burgess, John Holland/Gary Hyett, Alec Smalley/Michael Newman, Michael Byrne/Toby Nonnenmacher finished second on the day but increased their lead at the top of the table.  John and Gary were the best pair overall on the cross IMPs.  The A2 team of Kath & Alan Nelson, Peter Foster/John Roberts, Peter Jones/Raymond Semp, Jeanne & Ron Bayly improved their score over last month's matches but still finished last.  Alan & Kath were the best pair on the cross IMPs.
In the B division at Blackburn Manchester were also second on the day, but swapped places at the top of the table to lead Cumbria by 6 VPs.  The team was Eve Lighthill/Ken Hassell, Joyce & Robert Jones, David Olliver/Sid Travers, Neil Thomas/Nicholas Greer.  Joyce and Robert were our best pair on the cross IMPs.
In the C division at Bradford the team of Linda Williams/Ann Thornton, Roger Hopton/David Fussell, Elena & Marcelo Rosenbaum, Michael Wymer/Mel Pelham finished last.  Roger and David did well on the cross IMPs.

Patrick Jourdain
We are sorry to report the death of Patrick Jourdain on 28th July.  Patrick was a Welsh international, bridge correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and a frequent visitor to the Manchester congress.  A full obituary is on the EBU web site and another on the Welsh Bridge Union site

ACBL Life Masters
Congratulations to Ollie Burgess and Ed Levy who finished 20th in the Life Masters at the Summer Nationals in Washington DC on 24th July.  They enjoyed playing in a star studded field including Zia, Meckwell etc.

One Day GP Teams
The annual one day green point Swiss Teams was held at Altrincham on Sunday 24th July.  As usual there was a full turnout of 26 teams, who enjoyed a hot day of bridge.  Runaway winners were Kath Nelson, Jeff Morris, Alan Nelson and Jeff Smith who were 30 VPs ahead of second with one match to play.  They lost their final match to Richard Winter, Sarah Teshome, Gwen Beattie and Jeremy Stanforth of Yorkshire/Lancashire who were second.
Eight intermediate teams entered, with Adam Wiseberg, David Olliver, Sally Bray and Judith Dunkerley finishing highest of these.
The last round prize went to Barbara Eastabrook, Karen Jones, Graham Campbell and Andrew Jackson.

Thanks as ever to organisers Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield, directors David Stevenson and Joan Lewis and all MCBA members who helped on the day.
Full results are here, PotY points have also been added.

1     Kath Nelson & Jeff Morris Alan Nelson & Jeff Smith            108
2     Sarah Teshome & Richard Winter Gwen Beattie & Jeremy Stanforth 86
3=    Paddy Murphy & Mark Weeks Alan Stephenson & Stuart Matthews    83
3=    Trevor Hails & Chris Ryall Paul Roberts & Joan Marray          83
5=    Eve Lighthill & Sidney Travers Ian Kane & Kenneth Hassell      82
5=    Bill & Liz Wattleworth Roger Allison & Peter Richmond          82
5=    John Holland & Gillian Whyte Patricia Burrows & Pauline Lang   82
8     Marianne Farr & Mike Nicholson Alan Williams & Raymond Semp    78
9=    Bob Loveridge & Helen Montgomery
      Nicholas Sutcliffe & Michael Tomlinson                         77
9=    Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey         77
11    Tim Matthews & Ken Johnston John Farmer & Babs Matthews        75
12    David Olliver & Adam Wiseberg Sally Bray & Judith Dunkerley    74    I
13    Rodney Lighton & John Currie Alec Smalley & Tom Slater         73
14    Nicholas Greer & Neil Thomas Jean Keen & Dave Keen             72
15    Dorothy Molins & Stephen Molins Wynn Sutherland & Irene Bowers 70    I
16    Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill Hari Gohil & John Browning           65    I
17    Steve Mattinson & Rod Franks Howard Stubbings & Dhun Daji      64   
18    Diane Ault & Duncan Ault Catherine Ashworth & John Ashworth    63
19    Ann Thornton & Paul Murray Michael Greaney & Peter Carey-Yard  58    I
20    Irene Davies & Karen Reissmann Gillian McMullan & Roger Hopton 56
21    Celia Comrie & Kevin Comrie Peter Jones & John Roberts         55
22    Graham Campbell & Andrew Jackson
      Karen Jones & Barbara Eastabrook                               54    I
23    Haidee Tattersall & Hilary Boydell
      Anne Whitehead & Wendy Burton                                  53    I

24    John Moran & George Leigh Andy Green & Yvonne Barnes           52    I
25=   Helen Nightingale & Sue Hazlehurst Andrea Mills & David Welsh  48    I
25=   Barrie Newall & Julia Newall Barbara & Clive Henderson         48


Eve Lighthill MCBA President with winners
Alan and Kath Nelson, Jeff Smith, Jeff Morris

Second Richard Winter, Gwen Beattie, Sarah Teshome, Jeremy Stanforth

Ken Hassell, Ian Kane, Sid Travers, Roger Allison
members of teams that were fifth equal

Paddy Murphy, Mark Weeks, Trevor Hails
members of teams that were third equal

Intermediate Winners
David Olliver, Sally Bray, Judith Dunkerley, Adam Wiseberg
Last round

Last round prize
Karen Jones, Barbara Eastabrook, Andrew Jackson, Graham Campbell

Northern Bridge League Match 1
In the A division Manchester 1 (John Holland/Toby Nonnenmacher, Nicholas Greer/Neil Thomas, Alec Smalley/Michael Newman, Kath & Alan Nelson) lead ahead of Yorkshire at Brierfield.  Manchester 2 (David Pennington/Rod Franks, Eddie Thornton-Chan/Tony Hodgson, David Olliver/Sid Travers, Ron & Jeanne Bayly) fared less well. Toby (in his penultimate match for Manchester before moving to London) and John were the top pair on the cross IMPs.

In the B division at Manchester (Peter Jones/Barbara Lewis, Chris Hine/Stephen Ward, Howard Stubbings/Dhun Daji, Sylvia Massey/Herbert Potts) were a close second to Cumbria.  Howard and Dhun were our best pair on the cross IMPs.

In the C division, also at Manchester, the team of Karen Reissmann/Irene Davies, Janet Tolan/Victor Ridding, Susan Triggs/Graham Winn, Karen Jones/Barbara Eastabrook finished sixth with Victor and Janet our best pair on cross IMPs.

Full results are on the Northern Bridge league site.

European Youth Pairs Championship
Manchester's Alex Birchall has qualified for the final of the European Youth Pairs in Liepaja, Latvia partnering Will Roper.
They are joined by Alex Roberts and Ankush Khandelwal who led the field from the start, their score of 59.7% was nearly two whole tops ahead of the next pair.
The final takes place this Sunday, the other non qualifiers will play in the President's Cup.
13 English pairs are competing, six have made it through to the finals. Michael Byrne is with them as NPC.

National Inter County League Finals
Manchester won the A division of the inter-county leagues on July 10th at Coventry for the second year running.  Congratulations to the team of Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Kath and Alan Nelson, Alec Smalley, Tom Slater, Alan Mould and Rodney Lighton.  They held a small lead over Avon and Warwickshire at half time, but pulled away to win comfortably in the second half.  All four pairs contributed to the win with everyone being positive on the cross-imps.  Manchester had qualified by winning the Northern League last year and were playing against winners of the South-West, Eastern and Midland leagues (London, winners of the South-East league, were unable to raise a team).


Tom Slater, Michael Byrne, Kath Nelson, Rodney Lighton, Michael Newman, Alan Nelson, Alan Mould, Alec Smalley

Full results are here

Derbyshire Match
The annual Manchester vs Derbyshire match took place on the 3rd July at Spondon Bridge Club.  Manchester was represented by Tricia Blum/Simon Townsend, Victor Ridding/Janet Tolan, Barbara Eastabrook/Adam Wiseberg, Chris Baker/Jim O'Neill, Liz & Steve Halstead, Graham Campbell/Lindsay Barnes (Captain).
They lost the first half by 35 IMPs but won the second by 1 IMP.

This was an interesting hand



South opened 1D and despite heavy pre-emption in hearts the Manchester pair reached 7S.

WBU Swiss Pairs
Several Manchester pairs went to Llandudno on the 2nd-3rd July for the Swiss Pairs event.  Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield finished third out of 71 pairs.  The event was won by a large margin by Jason Hackett and John Sansom who didn't lose a single match.
Full results are here

President's Cup
Manchester were victors in the Inter County teams of eight, held over the weekend of 18th-19th June at Bradford Bridge Club.
Manchester led throughout, and increased their margin of victory in the final session to win by 27 VPs, over a match clear of the second placed team. 
All the pairs played well, everyone enjoyed themselves, and the team won all of its matches.  It was a fine performance by a team that included a large number of younger players partnering their older counterparts. The oldest age gap in a partnership was a record 61 years! 

Well done to Toby Nonnenmacher/Raymond Semp, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater, Michael Byrne/Michael Newman (both days), on the Saturday Gary Hyett (played with Michael Byrne) and John Currie (played with Michael Newman) and on the Sunday Kath & Alan Nelson.

Link to the full results including cross imps.

Toby Nonnenmacher, Alan Nelson, Raymond Semp, Kath Nelson,
Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Tom Slater, Alec Smalley

Castle Swiss Pairs
Congratulations to Gillian McMullan and Neil Thomas who won this event at Huddersfield Bridge Club on Sunday 19th June 10 VPs clear of second place.  This is their second win in this event in three years.

Neil Thomas and Gillian McMullan

European Championships
The European Teams event took place in Budapest from June 15th-25th.  John Holland played in the Seniors and Alan Mould was coach of the open team.  The event web site is here.  Both Open and Seniors teams finished tenth, the Women's team won a gold medal.

Summer Intermediate Pairs
The Summer Intermediate Pairs event was held at Altrincham Bridge Club on Sunday 12th June.  Thirteen tables enjoyed a pleasant afternoon of bridge; the results are below, together with pictures of the prize winners.
Thanks to Joan Lewis for directing and to Ann Thornton and Barbara Lewis for organising.

1st    Andrea Mills & David Welsh           63.3
2nd    Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill            58.81
3rd    Helen Nightingale & Peter Allison    58.01
4th    Nigel Catterall & Philip Hayward     57.37
5th    Karen Jones & Barbara Eastabrook     56.57
6th    Scott Middleton & Roy Saleh          55.45
7th    Susan Triggs & Graham Winn           55.29
8th    Hazel Powell & Geoff Densham         54.33
9th    Annie Curtis & Jackie Lowrie         53.69
10th    Anne Whitehead & Haidee Tattersall  53.21
11th    Adam Wiseberg & Andrew Jackson      52.56
12th    Paul West & Rak Kapur               52.4
13th    Liz Downie & Margaret Kelly         51.6
14th    Stephen Harlow & Gill Page          50.64
15th    David Tilley & Andrew O'Brien       50.48
16th    Jackie Walton & Pam Hegarty         49.84
17th    David Tattersall & Graham Wood      47.92
18th    Gillian Maguire & Brian Lee         46.96
19th    Adrienne Stone & Chris Cleaver      45.99
20th    George Leigh & Sally Bray           45.35
21st    Catherine Kramer & Diane Hutchinson 44.87
22nd    Adele Hodari & Suzanne Beckett      44.23
23rd    Lisa Czyniewska & Diane Saxon       42.47
24th    Ann Thompson & Vanessa James        40.22
25th    John Davies & Alan Swarbrick        37.66
26th    Sue Berry & Carole Whitehurst       30.77

Winners David Welsh and Andrea Mills
with Ann Thornton MCBA tournament secretary


Second Chris Baker and Jim O'Neill

Third Peter Allison and Helen Nightingale

Fourth Nigel Catterall and Philip Hayward


Fifth Barbara Eastabrook and Karen Jones


Sixth Scott Middleton and Roy Saleh
Spot prize

Spot prize Gillian Macguire and Brian Lees

Pachabo - Manchester Finish Second
The inter counties teams event took place at Birmingham on 11th-12th June, Manchester won the event last year.  Manchester and Cambridge contended first place throughout the weekend, but in the final session Cambridge ran out winners by nearly a whole match.  The Manchester team was Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Rodney Lighton, John Holland, Gary Hyett and Alan Mould.

Full results are on the EBU web site.

Northern League Selections
The selection committee have selected the following teams for the first two Northern League matches.
Saturday 16th July
A1 at Brierfield
A2 at Brierfield
B at Manchester
C at Manchester
Kath(c) & Alan Nelson
Tom Slater & Alec Smalley
John Holland & Toby Nonnenmacher
Nicholas Greer & Neil Thomas
Ron & Jeanne Bayly
David Olliver & Sid Travers(c)
Eddie Thornton-Chan & Tony Hodgson
David Pennington & Rod Franks
Sam Herman & Barbara Lewis(c)
Herbert Potts & Sylvia Massey
Dhun Daji & Howard Stubbings
Stephen Ward & Christopher Hine
Karen Reissmann & Irene Davies(c)
Janet Tolan & Victor Ridding
Susan Triggs & Graham Winn
Karen Jones & Barbara Eastabrook
Saturday 6th August
A1 at Bradford
A2 at Bradford
B at Blackburn
C at Bradford
Alan Mould(c) & Ollie Burgess
Michael Byrne & Toby Nonnenmacher
John Holland & Gary Hyett
Tom Slater & Alec Smalley
Kath(c) & Alan Nelson
Ron & Jeanne Bayly
John Currie & David Barton
John Roberts & Peter Foster
Joyce Jones & Robert Jones
Eve Lighthill(c) & Ken Hassell
Neil Thomas & NicholasGreer
David Olliver & Sid Travers
Mel Pelham & Michael Wymer
Elena & Marcelo Rosenbaum
Roger Hopton (c) & David Fussell
Ann Thornton & Linda Williams

Yorkshire Congress
In the Yorkshire congress held over the weekend of the 3rd to 5th June the teams championship was won by Michael Byrne, playing with England international Fiona Brown, and team-mates Hugh McGann and Cameron Small. They scored +90 imps, well over 50 imps clear of the second place team led by Brian Senior, the team who was practicing for the European Seniors Championship.  
On the Friday Michael and Fiona also won the mixed pairs for the 4th time

Manchester Bridge Club's David Debbage playing for Lancashire with Andrew Woodcock finished fourth in the inter-county pairs on June 4-5th.  Top placed Manchester pair were Gillian McMullan and Neil Thomas who were 31st out of 98.

The AGM of the Association was held at Cheadle Hulme Bridge Club on Thursday 26th May.
There was a good turn out of around 40 members.  The meeting was well controlled by Chair Irene Davies.  The most important decisions made were to continue with two teams in the A division of the Northern League and to choose option three from the selection committee policy paper (i.e. mix up pairs 5-12 between the A2 and B teams).  Note that some players at the meeting expressed a strong preference between playing in the B or A2 team, which the selection committee would take into account.

The officers of the association remained the same, with the exception of the selection committee, where Roger Hopton and Steve Mattinson replace Gillian McMullan and Peter Jones.

Presentations were made to Goldstone, Player of the Year and League winners, see photos below.

Members enjoyed a buffet and drinks at the interval.  Thanks to Irene Davies, Haidee Tattersall, Ann Thornton and Barbara Lewis.  Thanks to Cheadle Hulme Bridge Club for hosting the AGM.

Goldstone Trophy Winners
Alan Mould, Rodney Lighton, Michael Byrne
(Irene Davies, Chair presenting), Michael Newman
Missing John Holland, Gary Hyett.

PotY expert

Player of the Year Expert Michael Newman
PotY Intermediate

Player of the Year Intermediate
Graham Campbell, George Leigh

Division 7

Division 7 Winners
Sally Bray, Adam Wiseberg, Judith Dunkerley (Kath Nelson, League Secretary)
Missing Jonathan Engler


Division 4 Winners
George Leigh (missing John Moran, Andy Green, Yvonne Barnes, Janet Tolan)
Division 1

Division 1 Winners
Michael Newman, Michael Byrne, Alan Mould
Missing Rodney Lighton, Gary Hyett, Toby Nonnenmacher

Reports click below
Green Point Secretary Web site and PotY
Congress Secretary
League Secretary
Membership Secretary
Match Secretary
Selection committee
Goldstone Cup Report
Tournament Secretary

Income and Expenditure
Balance Sheet
Notes to accounts

Selection committee policy paper for agenda item

John Armstrong Pairs
Manchester pairs did well in the Swiss Pairs event at Merseyside on Sunday 22nd May.  Alan Mould and Michael Byrne were second, Joy and Irving Blakey and Ann Thornton and Linda Williams were joint fourth.
Full results are on the Merseyside County web site click here.

The events for 2016-17 are now on the calendar page.

Goldstone Final
The final of the Goldstone Trophy took place at Manchester Bridge Club on Monday 23rd May.  Team Byrne (Michael Byrne, Alan Mould, John Holland, Michael Newman with Gary Hyett and Rodney Lighton in previous rounds) have won the Goldstone trophy for a record breaking 5th consecutive year, breaking the previous record set in 2006.
In the closest ever final, the margin was just 1 imp, (although a ruling from a previous board increased it to 14 imps pending appeal).
Team Morris (Burgess, Hassett, Morris, Myers) were the early leaders of the match but set 2 and 3 saw the holders take control.
Set 4 was exciting with two slam hands, one played in 6S+1 by Holland/Mould and 4S+3 by Hassett/Morris. On the other slam hand both teams were defending spade contracts the other way!  
Thanks to Manchester Bridge Club for hosting the match and to Christine Barton for duplimating the boards.

The selection committee has made the following selections
Derbyshire Match July 3rd Away

Tricia Blum & Simon Townsend

Kevin Higgins & Richard Sinton
Barbara Eastabrook & Adam Wiseberg
Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill
Liz & Stephen Halstead
Graham Campbell & Lindsey Barnes (c)
All Counties Super Final July 10th Coventry

Alan Mould & Rodney Lighton
Michael Newman & Michael Byrne (c)
Kath & Alan Nelson
Alec Smalley & Tom Slater

Teltscher Trophy
The Senior Camrose event took place in Edinburgh from 20th to 22nd May.  John Holland played for the Patron's team with Gunnar Hallberg, their team finished second.  Click here for the event web site.

Northern Counties Improvers Pairs Final
The finals of this event for players under the rank of Master were held at four centres simultaneously on Sunday 15th May.  Qualifiers from club heats played at their local final.  The Manchester Bridge Club heat was won by Margaret Harris and Pat Turner from the Altrincham club.  They also won overall with a fine score of nearly 69%.  Many congratulations.  For the MBC results click here and the overall results click here.


Pat Turner and Margaret Harris

Killarney Congress
The annual congress at Killarney took place from May 14th to 22nd.  As usual several Manchester players were participating.  In the first event, the congress pairs Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield finished first ahead of Rob Myers playing with Dan McIntosh.  Kath Nelson won the mixed pairs with Cian Holland, Rob Myers won the mixed teams with Dan MacIntosh, Tim and Alex Gauld.  Kath Nelson won the ladies teams and Rob Myers the men's teams.  Alan Nelson won the President's night pairs.  To conclude a successful week Bernard and Rhona won the main teams event, the Loch Lein Trophy, playing with Jim Luck and Alan Williams, regular visitors to the Manchester Congress.  For congress results click here.

League Summary All Matches Completed (May 10th)
The remaining match in Division three was played on May 9th.  We look forward to everyone participating next year; the entry form will be on the league page in July.

Division 1: St Titus clinched the league title by losing to Bare Bones by 13-17.  Congratulations to Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Gary Hyett, Alan Mould, Rodney Lighton and Toby Nonnenmacher.  St Titus have now won the league five times in nine years with Gary Hyett having a record 17 titles.   Bare Bones have finished second, congratulations to Jason Hackett, Ollie Burgess, Rob Myers, Ed Levy and Adrian Kenworthy in their first season with a new line-up. 
Division 2: IMPs R Us (Tracy Capal, David Stevenson, Ted Revely, Paddy Murphy, Liz Commins, Stuart Davies) have won the division with an excellent average VP score of 22.9 to bounce back into the top division next year.  Tempo (Bob Cooke, David Pennington, Rod Franks, Gill Griffiths, Steve Mattinson, Pauline Lang) beat Manchester S (Kevin Comrie) 29-1 in their final match to overtake Cheshire Cheeses (Paul Roberts).  Tempo and Cheshire Cheeses join IMPs R Us in promotion to the first division.
Division 3: Rejuvenated (John Fitzgerald, Peter & Rita Jordan, Stuart Hunter, Jane Perrins, Roz Bavin, Barry Keen) and Uppercut (Stephen Ward, James Sheppard, Michael Wymer, Christopher Hine, Linda Williams) are promoted, with Uppercut winning the league by 10 VPs.
Division 4: Splinter Group (John Moran, Andy Green, Yvonne Barnes, George Leigh, Janet Tolan) have won the divisionSkaters (Karen Sandler, Lance Bloohn, Barry and Vivienne Newgrosh) have taken the second promotion place.
Division 5: Midland Railway (Simon Townsend, Ted Cadman, Iain Mackie, Philip Eagle, Tricia Blum) have won the division on a split tie ahead of Chorlton Challengers (Bev Pardoe, Colin Skelton, Anthony Yates, Mark Garrod).
Division 6: In the first division to complete all the matches, The Unconventionals (Pam Hegarty, Anthony Shortell, Peter Harrison, Mark Gomme, Christine Brierley) won their final match 23-7 to win the division on a split tie ahead of Double Diamonds (Nigel Caterall, Philip Hayward, Michael Green, Ann Wood, John Bridgman).
Division 7: Many congratulations to Adam Wiseberg's (Jonathan Engler, Sally Bray, Judith Dunkerley and Peter Jackson) who have won the division in their first season in the league, winning six out of seven matches.  Adlan (Edward & Helene Adam, Eric & Janet Langer) have taken the other promotion spot.

Blackburn Open Swiss Pairs
Manchester players dominated this event on Sunday 8th May.  John Holland and Brian Senior who were practising for the European Seniors next month unsurprisingly won, losing only one match to David Hammonds and Paul Beckwith who finished a close second.  Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield recovered from an indifferent first session scoring 59 out of 60 in the evening to finish third.  An excellent buffet was served and the other five Manchester pairs had an enjoyable, but less successful, event.  Full results are here.

Garden Cities Regional Final
The Manchester Bridge Club team of Edward Levy, Robert Myers, Jeff Morris, John Hassett, David Sarabowski, Andy Green, Adrian Kenworthy and Jason Hackett won the Northern regional final of the Garden Cities Trophy at Bradford on 7th May.  They progress to the national final in June.

Spring Fours - Toby Wins Punchbowl
Congratulations to Manchester's Toby Nonnenmacher who won the main consolation event at the Schapiro Spring Fours over the bank holiday weekend at the start of May.
The team of Ben Norton (Leics), Ankush Khandelwal (Notts), Alex Roberts (Mersey/Cheshire) and Toby Nonnenmacher were knocked out of the main competition at an early stage although they had received an unfortunate draw as they played in successive rounds, the eventual quarter-finalists, the eventual semi-finalists and the fourth seeds. They then reached the knockout stages of the Punch Bowl after finishing second in their eight team group, and won three matches in the knockout to take the trophy. They defeated an Anglo-Danish-Norwegian team of Gitte Hecht-Johansen (London), Arne Andreasen, Lisbeth Aulid Eide, Henrik Gosvig, and Baard Risnes in the final.

Punch Bowl
Ben Norton, Ankush Khandelwal, Alex Roberts and Toby Nonnenmacher

Jersey Festival
Well done to Joy and Irving Blakey who finished second in the Swiss Pairs in a field of 58 pairs at the EBU event 22nd April to 1st May.  In the teams Joy and Irving Blakey, Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield were third and in the senior pairs Joy and Irving were second with Rhona and Bernard third.  Rhona and Bernard won the mid-week pairs and Joy, Irving, Rhona and Bernard won the seniors multiple teams.  Full results are on the EBU web site.
Player of the Year
In a closely fought contest for the Intermediate category Graham Campbell and George Leigh share the prize just two points ahead of Karen Jones in third place, with Chris Baker, Jim O'Neill and Barbara Eastabrook in joint fourth place a further two points behind.  The new format for Intermediates appears to have been successful with more players scoring points in events, leading to a more exciting contest.

Michael Newman has won the Expert category ahead of Ollie Burgess and Alan Mould in joint second place.

John and Michael in Paris
The French Bridge Federation are holding their Open trials with a novel format this week (19th-21st April).  They have invited six pairs from England to play against their top six pairs.  John Holland is playing with Ben Green and Michael Byrne with Mike Bell.

Exciting finish in Division One relegation battle
In the final match of division one of the league at Cheadle Hulme on Monday 18th April, Team Mayhem (Neil Thomas, Peter Foster, David and Jean Keen) just failed to stay up.  One more IMP in their match against DASH would have led to Agamemnon being relegated.  To go down with an average score of 14.4 is somewhat unlucky.

St Titus beat DASH in the Goldstone semi-final to set up the final against Jeff Morris's team.  The first 24 boards were closely fought with St Titus being 11 ahead, but they easily won the last set, bidding two slams missed by DASH and various other swings totalling 48 IMPs.  The winners qualify for the Pachabo.
As a result of this win Michael Newman wins the expert category of the Player of the Year category, his second win in this competition.
In the Intermediate category Graham Campbell now leads by one point ahead of George Leigh with the league points still to be added.

President's Cup Selections
The following team has been selected for the inter county event at Bradford on June 18-19th.
Both days: Raymond Semp/Toby Nonnenmacher, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater. Saturday Michael Byrne/Gary Hyett, David Barton/John Currie.  Sunday Michael Byrne/Michael Newman, Kath & Alan Nelson.

Higson Finals
The Higson Cup and Plate Finals took place at Manchester Bridge Club on Sunday April 10th.
In the cup the top league placings were reversed when Bare Bones, who were one VP behind St Titus at half time overhauled them to win by a margin of seven VPs.  Congratulations to Robert Myers, Adrian Kenworthy, Mike Goldsmith and Ed Levy.  Third place went to Isolated Menaces.
In the plate Splinter Group (John Moran, George Leigh, Janet Tolan and Andy Green) won by a substantial margin ahead of The Four Dummies (Karen Jones, Barbara Eastabrook, Susan McGeechan and Judy Yates) who won the Higson Salver for lower division teams.

Thanks to Kath Nelson for her hard work running the league and cup this season and to directors Jeff Smith and Joan Lewis.
Detailed results are on the Manchester Bridge Club web site.


Cup Winners
Robert Myers, Adrian Kenworthy, Mike Goldsmith, (Kath Nelson), Ed Levy

Cup Second
Toby Nonnenmacher, Michael Byrne, Michael Newman,
Alan Mould, Rodney Lighton


Cup Third
John Holland, Bernard Goldenfield, Rhona Goldenfield
Palte 1

Plate Winners
George Leigh, Janet Tolan, John Moran, Andy Green
Palte 2

Plate Second (Michael Newman MCBA Secretary), Karen Jones,
Susan McGeechan, Judy Yates, Barbara Eastabrook

Palte 3

Plate Third
Alan Tranter, Andy Burnett, Colin Humphrey (Donald FitzPatrick)

Higson Cup

1 Bare Bones
Robert Myers & Adrian Kenworthy
Mike Goldsmith & Ed Levy
2 St Titus
Michael Byrne, Toby Nonnenmacher
Alan Mould, Michael Newman
Rodney Lighton
3 Isolated Menaces
Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield
John Hassett & John Holland
4 Agamemnon
Kath Nelson & John Currie
Jeff Morris & Alan Nelson
5 Curry Eaters
John Sansom & Justin Hackett
Martin Taylor & Barbara Hackett
6 Tricksters
Tony Togneri & Ann Thornton
Richard Sinton & Kevin Higgins
7 Dash
Eve Lighthill, Raymond Semp
Sidney Travers, Ian Kane
Ken Hassell, Dave Olliver
8 Tempo
David Pennington & Gill Griffiths
Rod Franks & Bob Cooke
9 Cheshire Cheeses
Julian Merrill & Paul Roberts
Laurence Stone & David Flacks
10 New Connections
Bill White & Gillian McMullan
Roger Hopton & Peter Carey-Yard

Higson Plate

1 Splinter Group
John Moran & George Leigh
Janet Tolan & Andy Green
2 The Four Dummies
Karen Jones & Barbara Eastabrook
Susan McGeechan & Judy Yates
3 Hindsight Convention
Colin Humphrey & Donald Fitzpatrick
Alan Tranter & Andy Burnett
4 City Aces
Barry Fine & Phil Reed
Howard Harris & Ivor Rosenberg
5 Spinning Tops
Howard Rosemarine & Jonathan Berg
Jeffrey Bor & Adrian Shiers
6 Hydrangeas
David Ackroyd & Gordon Johnson
Chris Baker & John Browning
7 Midland Railway
Ted Cadman & Iain Mackie
Philip Eagle & Simon Townsend
8 Last Minute Bid
Adam Wiseberg & Jonathan Engler
Sally Bray & Judith Dunkerley

North Wales Swiss Teams
Congratulations to Kath and Alan Nelson, Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield who won at Wrexham on Sunday 3rd April.  Full results on the NWBA site.

Easter Festivals
In the Northern Easter Festival at Ilkley Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield won the Swiss Pairs without losing a match well ahead of second placed Alan Mould and John Holland.  Meanwhile Michael Byrne went to London and finished second in the pairs with Kieran Dyke. 
In the Swiss Teams events on Sunday Bernard and Rhona teamed up with Irving and Joy Blakey to finish second ahead of John Holland, Alan Mould, Gary Hyett and Willie Crook (Notts).  In London Kath and Alan Nelson teamed up with former MCBA members Steve Eginton and Bill Hirst to finish third equal.
Full results are on the EBU web site and the YCBA web site.

Portland Pairs
Congratulations to Irene Davies and Roger Hopton who were an excellent fourth out of 360 in the EBU Mixed Pairs event on 20th March.  Playing at Brierfield they had a 59% first session to be in 27th place, then a small improvement in the second session to 61.5% gave them an average of 60.5% about 2% behind the winners.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Regional Pairs
John Holland and Tony Coley finished second in the Northern Pairs at Bradford on 13th March and qualify for the National Pairs Final next month along with Gary Hyett who played with Dan Crofts in Solihull.

Martin Braid Memorial Trophy
Fifteen teams played at Manchester Bridge Club on Sunday 13th March in the pivot teams event in memory of Martin Braid in aid of The British Heart Foundation.Winners were Kath & Alan Nelson, Michael Newman and Jeff Morris, ahead of Robert Myers, Laura Covill, David Debbage and Ed Levy.  In third place and winners of the non-expert prize were Adam Wiseberg, John Fitzgerald, Jonathan Engler and Andrew Jackson.  Full results on the Manchester Bridge Club site.

Play in progres

Play about to start - in the foreground in the green shirt Farokh Engineer,
 the former India and Lancashire cricketer.
Struggling with a stack of boards the director, Sarah Amos

Portland Bowl
Manchester University A have reached the semi finals of the Portland Bowl by beating Cambridge University A in an online match. 
The team, led by England U25 squad member Toby Nonnenmacher (who was in the winning Cambridge team last year) took a commanding 26 imp lead at half time of the 32 board match, played on BBO on Wednesday 9th. 
The second half started disastrously and they were quickly looking in danger of losing. Towards the end two crucial back to back slam swings went in Manchester's favour and they emerged victors by over 20.

Green Point Swiss Pairs
The annual Green Point Pairs was held at Altrincham on Saturday 5th March.  As usual the event was full and was well run by David Stevenson and Joan Lewis.  Thanks to Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield for their hard work in organising the event.  Ken Hassell and Ian Kane from the Altrincham club quickly reached table one and stayed there after that all day winning ahead of Raymond Semp and Toby Nonnenmacher.  Last year's winners Alan Nelson and Jeff Smith were third.

The player of the year results have now been added.  Ollie Burgess has moved into the lead in the expert category ahead of Michael Newman who is now just ahead of Joy and Irving Blakey and Raymond Semp in joint third place.  In the intermediate category Graham Campbell still leads, but Chris Baker and Jim O'Neill have now moved into joint second ahead of Karen Jones and George Leigh.

Full results below pictures, detailed results are on the Altrincham web site.

Winners with MCBA President Eve Lighthill
Ken Hassell and Ian Kane


Second Toby Nonnenmacher and Raymond Semp

Third Jeff Smith and Alan Nelson

Fourth Ollie Burgess and Kath Nelson


Fifth equal Eddie Thornton-Chan and Tony Hodgson

Intermediate Chris Baker and Jim O'Neill

  1    38      Ian Kane & Kenneth Hassell                     108  4.00
  2    21      Toby Nonnenmacher & Raymond Semp               105  2.94
  3    23      Alan Nelson & Jeff Smith                       100  2.31
  4     5      Kath Nelson & Ollie Burgess                     95  2.11
  5=   35      Joy Blakey & Irving Blakey                      91  1.93
  5=   12      Tony Hodgson & Eddie Thornton-Chan              91  1.81
  7=   25      Pauline Lang & Rod Franks                       89  1.81     
  7=   32      Rodney Lighton & John Currie                    89  1.43     
  9=   15      John Holland & Gillian Whyte                    87  1.63     
  9=   19      Eve Lighthill & Sidney Travers                  87  1.50     
 11    40      Celia Comrie & Kevin Comrie                     85  1.50     
 12    46      Gwen Beattie & Jeremy Stanforth                 84  1.25     
 13     7      Gary Hyett & Margaret Howe                      83  1.00     
 14=   10      Peter Kaufmann & Christopher Pope               81  0.88     
 14=   11      Karen Reissmann & Peter Carey-Yard              81  1.00     
 16=   42      Peter Jones & Jackie Pye                        80  1.13     
 16=   18      Howard Stubbings & Dhun Daji                    80  0.88     
 18    16      Alan Mould & Michael Newman                     76  0.89     
 19    14 A    Babs Matthews & John Farmer                     75  1.13 
 20=    3      Michael Byrne & Patricia Burrows                72  1.00     
 20=   27      Bernard Goldenfield & Rhona Goldenfield         72  0.75     
 20=   28      Nick Woodcock & Sue Woodcock                    72  1.00     
 23    13      Bob Loveridge & Helen Montgomery                71  0.88     
 24    37      Steve Mattinson & Michael Parr                  70  1.00     
 25    36      James Sheppard & Stephen Ward                   69  0.75     
 26    45      Stuart Matthews & Mark Weeks                    68  0.75     
 27=   43      Trevor Hails & Chris Ryall                      67  1.13     
 27=   33      Bill White & Joyce White                        67  1.00     
 29    50      John Morrell & Marianne Farr                    66  0.75     
 30     1      Andy Green & Haidee Tattersall                  63  0.63     
 31=   26      Tracy Capal & Paddy Murphy                      62  0.63     
 31=   31 N    Chris Baker & Jim O'Neill                       62  0.75
 33=   30      Peter Boardman & Glenda Lloyd                   60  0.75     
 33=    2 N    Mariam Jabbar & Mohammed Jabbar                 60  0.75     
 33=   29 N    Helen Nightingale & David Tattersall            60  0.88     
 36=   49      Michael Wymer & Edward Jones                    59  0.50     
 36=   17      Peter Foster & John Roberts                     59  0.50     
 38=   48 N    Andrea O'Rafferty & David Murray                57  0.75     
 38=    4 N    Ruthy Chadwick & Hilary Abramson                57  0.75     
 38=   34      Bill Wattleworth & Liz Wattleworth              57  0.51     
 41     6      Max Richman & Sandra Richman                    56  0.63     
 42=   47      John Fitzgerald & Barbara Eastabrook            55  0.75     
 42=   20 N    Graham Campbell & Lindsey Barnes                55  0.50     
 44     8 N    Terry Krell & Jonathan Engler                   54  0.63     
 45    22      Kevin Higgins & Richard Sinton                  52  0.75     
 46    39 N    Richard Cross & Carol McKinnon                  50  0.50     
 47     9      Richard Acaster & David Berrisford              49  0.25     
 48    24      Andrea Mills & David Welsh                      42  0.25     
 49    44      Nicholas Greer & Henry Bissell                  36  0.25
 50    41 N    Pat Dunningham & Peter Horn                     34  0.25

Ranked Masters Events
Events for each ranking were held in Birmingham over the weekend of 27-28th February.  Manchester players did well with Kath Nelson second in the Premier Grand Masters playing with Steve Auchterlonie of Kent, Peter Foster won the Premier Life Masters with John Liebeschutz of Cambridge, Tom Slater was second in the National Masters with Rob Dixon of Oxford and Sean Mekie was second in the Regional Masters with Laura Covill also from Oxford.  Congratulations to all.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Cantor Cup
A good turnout of 24 pairs competed for the Cantor Cup on Sunday 28th February at Manchester Bridge Club.  Most of the pairs were competing in their first event and it was encouraging to see a good number of students.  They all enjoyed  the competition including the afternoon tea with fresh scones.
Thanks to Joan Lewis for directing, Barbara Lewis and Ann Thornton for organising and to the Cantor family for some of the prizes.
Hazel Powell (Ann Thornton) Geoff Densham

Sarahi Bajani and Ernest Au
Joan Missira and Chris Boal
Shirley Leake
Spot prize

Spot Prize
Gill Page and Stephen Harlow
Spot prize
Spot Prize
David Eason and Clive Beveridge
1st    Hazel Powell & Geoff Densham              65.09
2nd    Ernest Au & Sarahi Bajani                 64.77
3rd    Joan Missira & Chris Boal                 64.27
4th    Shirley Leak & Graham Hobbs               61.24
5th    Michael Faust & Richard Aubrey            58.22
6th    Marie Kirwan & Neville Toft               55.00
7th    Josh Clarke & Rocky Bullin                53.73
8th    M Whiteoak & J Rudd                       53.34
9th    John Bridgman & Paul Batstone             53.29
10th    Lisa Czyniewska & Diane Saxon            51.04
11th    Martin Godden & Gillian Maguire          50.97
12th    Henry Bissell & Wisnu Ananda             50.49
13th    Stephen Harlow & Gill Page               50.18
14th    Mike Kilkenny & Alan Stokes              48.29
15th    Maggie Morgan & Marilyn Cole             47.58
16th    Peter Chua & Anna Ivanova                45.55
17th    Jane McGruer & Barbara Herring           44.46
18th    Mike Wood & Lesley Richards              44.05
19th    Jacqueline Michelson & Carol Gee         42.99
20th    Tessa Connolly & Debbie Kennedy          40.86
21st    David Eason & Clive Beveridge            39.91
22nd    Geraldine Mulholland & Nigel Campbell    38.73
23rd    Linda Fletcher & Avril Hutton            38.24
24th    Corinne Goddard & Josephine Jackson      37.71

Goldstone Semi-Finals
The semi-finalists in the Goldstone Trophy are St Titus (Michael Byrne, Michael Newman, Alan Mould, Gary Hyett, Rodney Lighton, John Holland) versus DASH (Ken Hassell, Ian Kane, Raymond Semp, Eve Lighthill, David Olliver, Sid Travers) and Jeff Morris (John Hassett, Rhona Goldenfield, Ollie Burgess) versus Altrincham A (Geoff Hull, Ann Jordan, Mike Asher, Graham Campbell, Andrew Jackson).  The winners will represent Manchester in the inter counties Pachabo event, won last year by the St Titus team.

Harrogate Congress
In the EBU Sping Congress at Harrogate on 20th-22nd February John Holland finished third in the Swiss Pairs playing with Clive Owen.  Full results are on the EBU web site.

Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer
The Under 26 and Under 21 home internationals took place from 19th-21st February in Edinburgh.  Manchester interest was provided in the U26 event by Sean Mekie, a Manchester member currently living in the South and by Toby Nonnenmacher, a London member currently living in Manchester.  Having trailed to Scotland in the U26 event most of the weekend, England overtook them by winning the final set of 14 boards 66-4.

East Wales Swiss
Congratulations to Bill and Joyce White playing with Babs and Tim Matthews of Cumbria who came second in a field of 38 teams at Newport on 13-14th Feb.  For full results click here.
East Wales Swiss

Tim Matthews, Joyce White,
Babs Matthews, Bill White

The Manchester team of Michael Byrne/Gary Hyett, John Holland/Alan Mould, Alec Smalley/Tom Slater, John Hassett/Jeff Morris npc Ollie Burgess played at West Bromwich on Feb 13-14th against Kent, London, Middlesex, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Berks and Bucks.
The team started well with two good wins on Saturday afternoon, but a 3-17 loss to Kent on Saturday evening left them in third place, a long way adrift of London.  Yorkshire's surprise defeat of London in the penultimate round gave Manchester hope if they could hammer London in the final match.  However, they lost 17-3 and finished fourth behind London, Kent and Surrey.  Michael and Gary were our best pair on the cross IMPs followed by Tom and Alec.

Gazette Cup
The county inter club teams of eight competition took place on Sunday 7th February at Altrincham Bridge Club.
There was a good turn out of ten teams, with Manchester (Burgess) winning comfortably ahead of Cheadle Hulme.  They go on to represent Manchester in the Garden Cities competition.
The intermediate cup went to Altrincham (Fitzgerald) who were sixth.
Welcome to Stretford Bridge Club who have recently affiliated to the EBU and sent a team for the first time.
Thanks to Joan Lewis for directing and to Ann Thornton for organising.
The PotY spreadsheet is now updated with the points for the Gazette.  Ollie Burgess has moved into second place behind Michael Newman in the expert category while Graham Campbell has increased his lead over Karen Jones in the intermediate category.

1    Manchester  (Burgess )    131
                  Edward Levy, Mike Goldsmith, Robert Myers, Ollie Burgess   
                  David Sarabowski, Andy Green,  Adrian Kenworthy,  Jason Hackett   
2    Cheadle-Hulme  (Thomas)    111
                  Neil Thomas, Gillian McMullan,  Royce Alexander,  John Currie   
                  Joy Blakey,  Irving Blakey,  Alec Smalley,  Tom Slater   
3    Altrincham (Kane )    108
                  Kenneth Hassell,  Ian Kane,  Kath Nelson,  Alan Nelson   
                  David Olliver,  Sidney Travers,  Roger Hopton,  David Fussell   
4    Bramhall  (Lang)    103
                  Tony Hodgson,  Eddie Thornton-Chan,  Gilbert Fletcher,  Doris Kirwan   
                  Ross Worthington,  Pauline Lang,  Chris Barnard,  Ian Pendlebury   
5    Manchester (Byrne )    99
                  Michael Byrne,  Leslie Klein,  Peter Jones,  Michael Newman   
                  Raymond Semp,  Toby Nonnenmacher,  Nicholas Greer,  Alan Mould   
6    Altrincham  (Fitzgerald )    93
                  John Fitzgerald,  Barbara Eastabrook,  Mohammed Jabbar,  Mariam Jabbar   
                  Graham Campbell,  Andrew Jackson,  Sally Bray,  George Leigh   
7    Cheadle-Hulme  (White )   88
                  Bill White,  Joyce White,  Joyce Jones,  Robert Jones   
                  Eve Lighthill,  Barbara Lewis,  Herbert Potts,  Sylvia Massey   
8    Bramhall  (Higgins )    78
                  Kevin Higgins,  Richard Sinton,  Steve Mattinson,  Rod Franks   
                  John Roberts,  Richard Acaster,  Inder Sethi,  Surinder Sethi   
9    Stretford  (Jackson)    61
                  Howard Middleton,  Peter Jackson,  Hilary Black,  Haidee Tattersall   
                  Don Monks,  Helen Murray,  Bernice Hadfield,  Marjorie Robinson   
10  Manchester  (Thornton  )    28
                  Ann Thornton,  Linda Williams,  Ross Allen,  Phillip Taylor   
                  Irene Davies,  Karen Reissmann,  Susan Triggs,  Graham Winn

David Sarabowski, Andy Green,Jason Hackett, Adrian Kenworthy,
Ollie Burgess, Mike Goldsmith, Ed Levy, Rob Myers
with Ann Thornton (Tournament Secretary)
Intermediate Winners

Andrew Jackson, Mariam Jabbar, Sally Bray, George Leigh
John Fitzgerald, Barbara Eastabrook, Graham Campbell, Mohammed Jabar

Cyprus Congress
In the EBU overseas congress from the 1st-7th February Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield won the teams event playing with Warner Solomon and Sandy Davies.  All results from the event are on the EBU web site.

Teltscher Trials
Trials for the Senior Camrose took place on 6-7th February at Solihull.  Manchester players competing were John Holland and Gary Hyett for the Hackett team and John Hassett and Jeff Morris for the Sansom team.  Neither team was successful.  Results are on the EBU web site.

Chester Congress
Several Manchester players went to Deva bridge club for their congress on 30-31 January.  Successes were recorded by Pauline Lang and Rod Franks who were second equal in the pairs and in the Swiss Teams by Michael Newman and Ollie Burgess who won by a large margin playing with Andrew Woodcock and Catherine Draper of Lancashire.  Full results are on the Deva web site.

LCBA Butler Pairs
Congratulations to Bernard and Rhona Goldenfield who won the Lancashire Butler pairs at Lytham on 23rd January ahead of Jackie Pye and Jeff Smith.  Results are on the LCBA web site.

National Teams Congress
In the point-a-board event at Birmingham on 16-17th January Michael Byrne's team (Kieran Dyke, Andrew Murphy, Ed Jones) were second and John Holland's team (Ben Green, Jeremy Dhondy, Brian Callaghan) finished third.  Full results of this event and the parallel Swiss Teams are on the EBU web site.

Preston Teams
In the Preston Teams on 10th January clear winners were Kath and Alan Nelson with Jackie Pye and Jeff Smith ahead of Catherine Draper, Andrew Woodcock and Liz and Bill Wattleworth of Lancashire.  Full results are on the Preston Bridge Club site.

Manchester Congress 2016
The Manchester Congress took place at the Victoria and Albert Hotel on 2nd-3rd January.
As usual it was a hugely enjoyable event, thanks to Sarah and Mike Amos and Joan Lewis for directing, all those who helped set up and clear away and especially to Irene Davies for co-ordinating it all.  Thanks also to internationals Justin Hackett and Sally Brock for presenting prizes.
In the pairs on Saturday Jeff Smith and Marianne Farr from Lancashire were clear winners nearly two percent ahead of Richard Winter and Tom Cohen of Yorkshire who won the Men's pairs trophy.  Top Manchester pair were Sam Herman and Peter Jones.  They were followed by the winners of the Mixed Trophy Barry Myers and Sally Brock who have won this trophy four out of the five times they have played.  Well done also to Janet Tolan and Victor Ridding in sixth place and Eddie Thornton-Chan and Tony Hodgson who were seventh.
The Ladies pairs trophy was won by Irene Davies and Karen Reissmann and the Intermediate Trophy was won by Ann Thornton and Michael Greaney.
In the teams Alec Smalley, Michael Newman, Joy and Irving Blakey managed a score of +81 IMPs which would normally be a winning score, but Sally Brock, Barry Myers, John Currie and Rodney Lighton had a huge score of +115 IMPs to win by a large margin, this was the first win in this event for three of the team, Rodney Lighton last won it in 1982!.

In the teams B final Jason Hackett's team also posted a score of over 100 IMPs for an emphatic win.
In the teams C final the Whitefield team of Avril Mattinson, Rosemary Rosenthal, Wendy Brentwood and Pam Ladbrooke were delighted to win.

Two events for players new to tournament bridge were held, the Kevin Comrie Cup and the Players Progress Cup which attracted an enthusiastic entry.
Congratulations to Laura Covill winner of the Junior Trophy sponsored by Manchester Bridge Club.
Two quizzes set by Michael Byrne and Raymond Semp and a caption competiton also kept players entertained.

The player of the year spreadsheet has now been updated.  Michael Newman has increased his lead thanks to his second place in the teams, Alan Mould and John Holland move into second and thrid place respectively.  In the Intermediate category Graham Campbell still leads, but Karen Jones has closed the gap in second place, with Adam Wiseberg third.

Summaries of results are on the links below
Teams A final
Teams B final
Teams C final
Kevin Comrie Cup
Players Progress Cup

Detailed congress results are on the Manchester Bridge Club web site for the main events and the Larkhill Club web site for the Kevin Comrie and Players Progress.

Michael Byrne's Quiz answers are here.


Pairs Winners Jeff Smith and Marianne Farr with Justin Hackett

Ladies Pairs Irene Davies and Karen Reissmann

Mixed Pairs Barry Myers and Sally Brock
Mixed 2nd

Mixed Pairs second Tracy Capal (and Paddy Murphy)

Intermediate winners Ann Thornton (and Michael Greaney)

Ascenders Michael Byrne (and Fiona Brown)
To non-trophy

Top non-trophy Janet Tolan (and Victor Ridding)
Session 1

First session Robert Myers and David Debbage
session 2

Second session Barbara Lewis and Alec Smalley

Junior prize Laura Covill
Teams winners

Teams winners
John Currie, Sally Brock, Barry Myers, Rodney Lighton
Teams 2nd

Teams second
Alec Smalley, Irving Blakey, Michael Newman, Joy Blakey
Teams 3rd

Teams third
John Holland, Michael Byrne, Andrew Murphy (and Alan Mould)

Teams B winners

Teams B final winners
Adrian Kenworthy, Alastair Gidman, Jason Hackett, David Debbage
Teams B 2nd

Teams B second
Marcelo and Elena Rosenbaum, Dhun Daji, Howard Stubbings
Teams C winners

Teams C Winners
Avril Mattinson, Rosemary Rosenthal,
Pam Ladbroke, Wendy Bentwood
KC first

Kevin Comrie Cup winners Liz Downie and Margaret Kelly
KC 2nd

Kevin Comrie Cup second Peter Allison and Donald Walton
KC 3rd

Kevin Comrie Cup third Rak Kapur and Paul West
KC 4th

Kevin Comrie Cup fourth Ann Wood and Derek Sidley
PP 1st

Players Progress winners Sue Jones and Carol Straffon
PP 2nd

Players Progress second Sue Bloor and Sally Duncombe
PP 3rd

Players Progress third Pam Hegarty and Barbara Scholes
Semp Quiz

Raymond Semp quiz Karen Reissmann

Caption Competition Barry Myers (aka Michael Byrne)

Manchester League 2015-16

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 1

S B C I I D G A T T L Total Ave
1 SAINT TITUS + 13 16 10 30 30 11 23 23 30 28 214 21.40
2 BARE BONES 17 + 16 15 17 14 15 28 21 29 30 202 20.20
3 CURRY EATERS 14 14 + 22 14 24 25 18 12 19 23 185 18.50
4 ISOLATED MENACES 20 15 8 + 14 17 27 15 16 20 28 180 18.00
5 INVERTED MINORS 0 13 16 16 + 4 28 12 25 18 26 158 15.80
6 DASH 0 16 6 13 26 + 20 3 12 24 30 150 15.00
7 GRASSHOPPERS 19 15 5 3 2 10 + 26 14 22 30 146 14.60
8 AGAMEMN0N 7 2 12 15 18 27 4 + 18 15 26 144 14.40
= TEAM MAYHEM 7 9 18 14 5 18 16 12 + 23 22 144 14.40
10 THE NORTH STAR 0 1 11 10 12 6 8 15 7 + 10 80 8.00
11 LEADERS WITH ATTITUDE 2 0 7 2 4 0 0 4 8 20 + 47 4.70

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 2

I T C M S C R P T P N Total Ave
4 MANCHESTER S 15 1 12 + 20 16 8 12 30 19 30 163 16.30
5 SEDGLEY 1 20 16 10 + 19 13 11 16 23 18 147 14.70
6 CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION 9 6 0 14 11 + 17 29 21 13 21 141 14.10
7 RED BULL 3 5 18 22 17 13 + 22 9 8 20 137 13.70
8 PROTEUS 16 10 0 18 19 1 8 + 24 25 8 129 12.90
9 TRICKSTERS 0 5 14 0 14 9 21 6 + 30 11 110 11.00
10 PETERSFIELD 7 21 0 11 7 17 22 5 0 + 15 105 10.50
11 NEW CONNECTIONS 1 7 8 0 12 9 10 22 19 15 + 103 10.30

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 3

U R H B C A C A M F Total Ave
3 HINDSIGHT CONVENTION 1 18 + 24 10 10 17 25 30 12 147 16.33
4 BANK 14 19 6 + 20 18 14 13 25 16 145 16.11
5 CHEAP TRICKS 16 7 20 10 + 30 0 16 0 15 114 12.67
6 ALTRINCHAM Z 12 10 20 12 0 + 29 8 0 20 111 12.33
7 CITY ACES 19 4 13 16 0 1 + 20 6 17 96 10.67
8 ALTRINCHAM A 4 0 5 17 14 22 10 + 0 21 93 10.33
9 MANCHESTER A 0 7 0 5 0 30 24 0 + 26 92 10.22
10 FAROKH'S GOOGLIES 0 3 18 14 15 10 13 9 4 + 86 9.56

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 4

S S H S R T A C W T Total Ave
3 HYDRANGEAS 15 15 + 24 5 17 17 8 30 16 147 16.33
4 SPINNING TOPS 4 29 6 + 28 9 17 9 15 24 141 15.67
= RUEFUL RABBITS 17 11 25 2 + 17 14 15 22 18 141 15.67
6 THE TRANSFERS 14 11 13 21 13 + 10 22 30 6 140 15.56
7 ASTRAZENECA STARS 14 7 13 13 16 20 + 25 2 20 130 14.44
8 CONQUERING HEARTS 9 12 22 21 15 8 5 + 12 19 123 13.67
9 WINNING WAYS 17 9 0 15 8 0 28 18 + 21 116 12.89
10 TRAFFORD TIGERS 0 15 14 6 12 24 10 11 9 + 101 11.22

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 5

M C M R T T M O T Total Ave
3 MONTON MISFITS 15 15 + 10 25 9 17 19 29 139 17.38
4 RADBROKE BANDITS 13 6 20 + 29 21 9 14 15 127 15.88
5 THE FOUR DUMMIES 17 21 5 1 + 16 18 15 30 123 15.38
6 THE ENIGMAS 5 13 21 9 14 + 20 25 12 119 14.88
7 MANCHESTER CARDINALS 17 3 13 21 12 10 + 16 15 107 13.38
8 OVERTRICK LUNATICS 8 8 11 16 15 5 14 + 23 100 12.50
9 THE DIAMOND DAMES 1 0 1 15 0 18 15 7 + 57 7.13

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 6

T D B T D P 3 N
N Total Ave
3 BOMBAY SAPPHIRES 20 12 + 29 14 7 28 26 6
142 17.75
4 THE BIDDABLES 23 6 1 + 9 26 28 22 22
137 17.13
5 DOUBLE TROUBLE 7 15 16 21 + 13 15 13 14
114 14.25
6 PACK CHOICE 10 9 23 4 17 + 6 23 10
102 12.75
7 3 REDS AND A REBEL 9 12 2 2 15 24 + 8 28
100 12.50
8 NEMESIS 9 20 4 8 17 7 22 + 10
97 12.13
9 EUREKA 0 2 24 8 16 20 2 20 +
92 11.50

+ 0 0.00

Manchester League 2015-16 Division 7

L A J C S S T T Total Ave
3 JEMS 19 7 + 19 14 15 29 25 128 18.29
4 CONJURERS 14 15 11 + 22 8 18 28 116 16.57