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5 Card major 2/1 System

5 Card Major 2/1 with Transfer Responses to 1C

Bidding Practice on BBO
Peter Foster has produced a document describing how to set up a bidding practice table on BBO and how to generate specific hand types for practice.
Click here for instructions

Manchester Standard System

Click here with right hand mouse button to save word version of M/C Standard Convention Card

This page details a basic Manchester Standard System formed by a consensus of leading Manchester players polled by e-mail in Dec 2002 to Jan 2003.  The idea is to provide a system base for casual partnerships or for use in individual events.

The first set of questions was on opening bids and no trump rebids.  The consensus view was as follows.

Acol 4 card majors

1)  Strength of 1NT opener. 12-14
2)  Strength of 1NT rebid. 15-16
3)  Strength of 2NT rebid with jump. 17-18
4)  Strength of 3NT rebid after 1 level response. 19
5)  Strength of 2NT rebid after 2 level response in new suit and how forcing. 15-16 game forcing
6)  Strength of 3NT rebid after 2 level response in new suit.  17-19
7)  Meaning of opening 2C. Game force or 23-24
8)  Meaning of opening 2D. Weak 2 in Diamonds
9)  Meaning of opening 2H/S. Weak 2.
10) Meaning of opening 2NT. 20-22 balanced
11) Any special meanings for opening bids of 3C and above.  3N = solid suit (gambling), 4N = direct Ace ask.

The second set of questions was sent out to those who responded to the first set.  Here are the results.

Response to 1N

1)  2C                      Stayman
2)  2D/H                  Major suit transfer
3)  2S                       Transfer to Clubs
4)  2N                      Transfer to Diamonds
5)  3 of minor           Game force
6)  3 of major           Game force

Response to 2N.  Define how you play

7)  3C                       5 card stayman
8)  3D/H                   Major suit transfer
9)  3S                        Minor suit slam try
10) 4C/D                   Natural
11) 4H/S                   Slam try 2/3 top honours and 6 card suit

Responses to weak 2s.  Define how you play

12) New suit at 2 level                        Constructive non-forcing
13) 2N (and what kind of response)   Relay with Blue Club responses (points and quality)
14) new suit at 3 level                         Constructive, non-forcing

Responses to 1 level opening bids.  Define how you play

15)  1C/D 2N                                        Baron
16)  1H/S 2N                                         Baron
17)  Double jumps e.g. 1S 4C              Splinters

Overcalls.  Define how you play

18)  Jump overcalls                              Weak non vul, Intermediate vulnerable.
19)  Direct cue bid                               Michaels
20)  2N overcall                                    UNT in second, natural in 4th
21)  Defence to 1NT                            Asptro (2C = H + other, 2D = S + other, anchor to stronger suit with both majors)
22)  1N overcall direct                         15-18
23)  1N overcall protective.                 11-14

Here are the responses to the third set of questions

1)  To what level do you play Sputniks                                    4S
2)  To what level do you play responsive doubles                  4S
3)  To what level do you play competitive doubles                 4S

4)  What is jump in new suit after opponents double (e.g. 1D X 2S)   Fit Jump

5)  What kind of Blackwood do you play  RKCB 3041 responses

6)  Primary signal on partner's lead           High shows even number
7)  Primary signal on declarer's lead         High shows even number
8)  Discarding method                                 Natural i.e. discard unwanted cards (with distributional overtones)

9)  Describe leads from length                   2nd and 4th               
10) Describe honour leads                         Top of touching honours