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Corona virus - events and classes are cancelled and clubs are closed.  League and Higson Cup suspended.
Events in Manchester
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WBU Swiss Weekend 4-5th April at Wrexham Postponed (Oct 10-11?)
Intermediate Swiss Pairs Sunday 29th March at Altrincham Cancelled EBU Bridge Warehouse
MCBA Handbook 2019-20 EBU Calendar

Deal of the Week

Mar 2020 4th Cheadle Pairs 11th Cheadle Pairs
18th Chester Pairs
25th Goldstone

Feb 2020 5th Peter Ader Memorial 12th Santa Claus Pairs
19th Santa Claus 2
26th Congress Pairs

Jan 2020 1st Another Grand 8th Middlesex Pairs
15th Middlesex Teams
22nd Middlesex Teams 2
29th Middlesex Teams 3
Dec 2019 4th Llangollen 11th YC Defence
18th Middlesex Pairs
25th Christmas Present

Nov 2019
6th Lancs Swiss Pairs
13th Premier League Defence
20th Cheadle
27th Cheadle DD

Oct 2019

16th NBL Grand 23rd Higson Game
30th No Entry
Sept 2019 4th Four-Three fit 2 11th MBC 3NT
18th Cheadle Defence

Aug 2019 7th GP Teams 14th Defence problem
21st NBL 1
28th Four-Three fit 1

July 2019 3rd Corwen 1 10th Corwen 2
17th Corwen 3
24th President's Cup 1
31st President's Cup 2
June 2019
5th Hubert Phillips 1
12th Hubert Phillips 2
19th Hubert Phillips 3
26th 20 years ago

May 2019
1st Higson Final
8th Higson Final 2

22nd NICKO lead
29th Ruia Slam
Apr 2019

17th Preston Pairs

Mar 2019
6th Cheadle Pairs
13th Trump Squeeze
20th Green Point Pairs
27th Green Point Pairs Defence

Feb 2019
6th Deva Slam 2
13th Deva Slam 3
20th Deva Slam 4
27th Double End Play

Jan 2019
2nd League Lead
9th A bad break
16th Congress Teams 1
23rd Congress Teams 2
30th Deva Slam 1
Dec 2018
5th Tolly Qual 1
12th Tolly Qual 2
19th Lancs Teams 2
18th Middlesex Pairs

Nov 2018
7th Lancs Pairs
14th Lancs Pairs Defence
21st Lancs Teams
28th Scottish Curiosity

Oct 2018
3rd Northern Bridge League 10th Northern Bridge League
17th Northop
24th Chester Defence
31st Cheadle Mixed
Sep 2018
5th GP defence

26th Teams or Pairs

Aug 2018
1st National League
8th Yorkshire Congress
15th Llandudno
22nd NBL Grand
29th Michelle Memorial
July 2018
4th Yorks Grand
11th Super Moysian
18th Pachabo
25th Defence at Cheadle

June 2018
6th John Armstrong Pairs
13th Blocked suit
20th Cheadle Grand
27th Goldstone Final

May 2018
2nd League Grand
9th 3N or 5 of a minor
16th Cheadle 3NT
23rd Ruia Cup
30th Play 5D
Apr 2018
4th Green Point Pairs 2S
11th Green Point Pairs 3N
18th More GP Pairs
25th Llangollen

Mar 2018
7th Slam play problem
14th Scissors Coup
21st Improvisation
28th Tollemache 3NT

Feb 2018
7th Devil's coup
14th End Play
21st Congress 3NT
28th 3NT Play problem

Jan 2018

10th NICKO pre-empt
17th Congress slam 1
24th Congress slam 2
31st Congress Slam 3
Dec 2017
6th A curiosity
13th Ben Franks Grand
20th Ben Franks Lead
27th A suit play

Nov 2017
1st Sacrifice
8th Deva Charity Event
15th Cheadle Mixed
22nd Lancs Pairs
29th Lancs Teams
Oct 2017
4th League Play
11th League bid
18th Both minors
25th NBL Inference

Sep 2017
6th NBL Lead
13th Bolton Defence
20th League Defence
27th Mixed results

Aug 2017
2nd Michelle Memorial
9th Trump Coup

23rd Northern Bridge League
30th More NBL
July 2017
5th Extra trick

26th Llandudno

June 2017
7th Make this slam
14th Online Bridge
21st Your lead
28th Corwen Defence

May 2017
3rd MBC Slam
10th Higson Cup 3NT
17th Higson Cup Grand
24th Slam fork
31st Bridge in Salford
Apr 2017
5th Surrogacy
12th Pairs vs Teams
19th Pseudo End Play
26th Your lead

Mar 2017
1st Goldstone Slam
8th Non-technical line
15th Freak hand
22nd Find the Lady
29th Six-six
Feb 2017
1st Lead direction
8th Compete part scores
15th The three level
22nd Defence problem

Jan 2017
4th 6C Bid and play
11th Congress Slam
18th League Game
25th Gold Cup Grand

Dec 2016
7th Slam in fourth suit
14th Beer card
21st Xmas puzzle
28th New Year puzzle

Nov 2016
2nd Direct Route
 9th More suit plays
16th Don't give up
23rd Bid and play
30th Psyche
Oct 2016

12th Duplication
19th Defensive unblock
26th Endplay

Sep 2016
7th Pairs Defence
14th Psychology
21st Poor bridge
28th Unblocking

Aug 2016
3rd Trump End Play
10th Slam Lead
17th 800
24th 1100
31st 3NT with 4-4 fit
July 2016
6th Welsh Bridge
13th Llandudno
20th 6NT play
27th En passant

June 2016
1st Slam Try
8th  University Bridge
15th Tuesday Bridge
22nd Pachabo overtrick
29th Slam play
May 2016
4th Long sequence
11th RKCB with void
18th More RKCB
25th IMP Pairs

Apr 2016
6th Sixteen point game
13th Easter bridge
20th Four-Three fit
27th Six-Six hand

Mar 2016
2nd Inferences and end play 9th  Make the overtrick 16th A lead problem
23rd Two suit plays
30th The wrong slam
Feb 2016
3rd Simple technique 10th Six, five, come alive 17th Which small card? 24th The dark blue card
Jan 2016
6th Which game? 13th The last guess 20th Nine card suit 27th An intricate sequence
Dec 2015
2nd Precarious trumps 9th  Classy sequence 16th Distribution inference 23rd Cheadle cross ruff
Nov 2015
4th Endplay choice 11th Spooky bridge 18th Third round control 25th Surprise gain
Oct 2015
7th A direct route 14th Breaking Blackwood rules 21st Crockfords slams 28th Textbook deal
Sep 2015
2nd 8410 hands 9th  A suit combination 16th A critical defence 23rd Premier League in Manchester 30th Which squeeze
Aug 2015

26th Choice of slams  

Suit Combinations

While there is no live bridge I will try to provide a suit combination problem daily.  Assume there are plenty of entries to both hands and no problems with control and no inferences from the auction or previous play.  Solutions the next day.


With no entry to dummy
for five tricks
for three tricks

With only one
entry to dummy

Playing Online

For those suffering withdrawal symptoms because of the lack of live bridge, you can always play online.  The main site is Bridge Base Online.

Adam Wiseberg recommends the Berwick Bridge Club web site for a good introduction on how to play on BBO.

Michael Newman Funeral

Michael Newman's funeral service at Howe Bridge crematorium took place on Thursday 26th March.  A few close friends attended (well separated) and a large number of other friends watched it online.

If you missed the funeral and wish to see it, then the service will be back online with the same login details within 2 working days for a period of 28 days.

The website is  username howe1344 password 900240

It is hoped that a celebration of Michael's life will take place in the Autumn that everyone will be welcome to go to.

At the MCBA council meeting on Tuesday it was agreed to buy a new trophy for the first division of the Manchester League in honour of Michael.

Michael Newman

Michael Newman

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Michael Newman (MJN) who was one of Manchester's best bridge players, winner of many local and national events who also worked and taught at Manchester Bridge Club for many years.

Michael was born in Beaconsfield in 1960 the younger of two sons in his family.  He was brought up in Kent and arrived in the Manchester area when his parents moved up to Bolton in the late 1970s. 

He showed early promise as a bridge player winning the England Junior Pairs in 1984 with Martin Braid and in 1985 with Joe Fawcett.  He enjoyed success in the Manchester league in partnership with Tom Middleton in the 1980s and with Kath Nelson in the 1990s. 

His results blossomed after forming a partnership with Michael Byrne in the early 2000s.  Among his numerous wins* in county competitions were seven league titles and the Ben Franks pairs six times with three different partners.  He won the Manchester congress teams twice, once in 1984 as a junior playing with three adults and once in 2011 as an adult playing with three juniors.

At national level he was a key member of Manchester's team when winning the Pachabo three times.  In particular in 2015, the first time that Manchester won the Pachabo, he and Alan Mould were Manchester's best pair by far.  He won the Garden Cities trophy and the inter-county league finals, both three times, as well as a single success in the NICKO.

He was a fierce competitor, keen to do his best and always greatly pleased at winning competitions.  Even when victory was no longer possible he always strived to achieve a place on the podium, fighting until the last board for a top three finish.

He was a staunch supporter of bridge in Manchester, turning out frequently for Northern league matches and playing for the Tollemache team.  He was proud of Manchester's good record in that event, though disappointed that he never won the event.

He worked for nearly forty years at Manchester Bridge Club on Palatine Road playing in the rubber bridge games as a host.  He ran the successful beginners duplicate on Tuesday nights as well as the Swiss pairs on Thursday nights, often playing with some of the beginners who came without partners.  He would tell the story of when another bridge player (Rita Jordan) said to him "You never seem to get any older - do you have a painting in the attic?".  Though not initially understanding the reference to Oscar Wilde's story he came to adopt the name Dorian Gray when he wanted to play under an assumed name. 

He served as secretary of the Manchester County Bridge Association for ten years from 2007 to 2017 and worked hard in helping to write Manchester's new constitution.

Away from the bridge table Michael's other great love was karaoke.  He used to perform regularly in several pubs in the Bolton area.  His favourite songs, amongst many others, were "Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel and "I want to hold your hand" by the Beatles .

Sadly in 2019 his health deteriorated and in early 2020 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He continued playing as long as his health allowed.  He was delighted to win a league match by over 100 IMPs at the beginning of March telling everyone that it was the fewest IMPs (four) that he had ever conceded in 35 years of playing in the league.

He will be fondly remembered for his love of bridge and his loyalty to his team and friends.

Michael John Newman born 24th October 1960 died 12th March 2020.

Click here for Michael's self written obituary.

* See the county and national honours pages for events won by Michael.

Thanks to Michael Byrne for contributions to this obituary.

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