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Latest News and Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events
Michelle Brunner Memorial
Saturday 22nd July
Manchester Bridge Club

  A Mixed Pivot Teams charity event
Proceeds to Christie and St Anne's Hospice
Click here for details
Green Point Swiss Teams
Sunday 23rd July

  One place left (7th May)
Click here for more details

EBU Events

Ollie's Workshops
Sunday 9th June at 14.30
at Manchester Bridge Club
Click here for details

Deal of the Week
June 2017
7th Make this slam
14th Online Bridge
21st Your lead
28th Corwen Defence

May 2017
3rd MBC Slam
10th Higson Cup 3NT
17th Higson Cup Grand
24th Slam fork
31st Bridge in Salford
Apr 2017
5th Surrogacy
12th Pairs vs Teams
19th Pseudo End Play
26th Your lead

Mar 2017
1st Goldstone Slam
8th Non-technical line
15th Freak hand
22nd Find the Lady
29th Six-six
Feb 2017
1st Lead direction
8th Compete part scores
15th The three level
22nd Defence problem

Jan 2017
4th 6C Bid and play
11th Congress Slam
18th League Game
25th Gold Cup Grand

Dec 2016
7th Slam in fourth suit
14th Beer card
21st Xmas puzzle
28th New Year puzzle

Nov 2016
2nd Direct Route
 9th More suit plays
16th Don't give up
23rd Bid and play
30th Psyche
Oct 2016

12th Duplication
19th Defensive unblock
26th Endplay

Sep 2016
7th Pairs Defence
14th Psychology
21st Poor bridge
28th Unblocking

Aug 2016
3rd Trump End Play
10th Slam Lead
17th 800
24th 1100
31st 3NT with 4-4 fit
July 2016
6th Welsh Bridge
13th Llandudno
20th 6NT play
27th En passant

June 2016
1st Slam Try
8th  University Bridge
15th Tuesday Bridge
22nd Pachabo overtrick
29th Slam play
May 2016
4th Long sequence
11th RKCB with void
18th More RKCB
25th IMP Pairs

Apr 2016
6th Sixteen point game
13th Easter bridge
20th Four-Three fit
27th Six-Six hand

Mar 2016
2nd Inferences and end play 9th  Make the overtrick 16th A lead problem
23rd Two suit plays
30th The wrong slam
Feb 2016
3rd Simple technique 10th Six, five, come alive 17th Which small card? 24th The dark blue card
Jan 2016
6th Which game? 13th The last guess 20th Nine card suit 27th An intricate sequence
Dec 2015
2nd Precarious trumps 9th  Classy sequence 16th Distribution inference 23rd Cheadle cross ruff
Nov 2015
4th Endplay choice 11th Spooky bridge 18th Third round control 25th Surprise gain
Oct 2015
7th A direct route 14th Breaking Blackwood rules 21st Crockfords slams 28th Textbook deal
Sep 2015
2nd 8410 hands 9th  A suit combination 16th A critical defence 23rd Premier League in Manchester 30th Which squeeze
Aug 2015

26th Choice of slams  

Peter Watson
Only the longest standing members of the county will remember Peter Watson who died on 22nd June.  Peter was one of the most talented players of his era and a great mentor to the generation of Manchester University players of the early seventies.  As a player his best achievement was winning the National Swiss Teams in 1992.  Sadly, ill health meant that he participated little in later years.  He left the Manchester area to live near London when his wife's job moved and they returned to the Manchester area a few years ago when Frances retired.  He was always full of ideas and fun to associate with.  Our condolences to his wife and children.

Hubert Phillips Final
The final of the EBU Mixed Pivot Teams was held at Manchester Bridge Club on Sunday June 25th.  Around 20 spectators turned up at one time or another.  Michael Byrne, Ollie Burgess, Fiona Brown and Hugh McGann beat Jeff Smith, Jackie Pye, Alan Mould, John Holland over 60 boards.  Four of the eight finalists were Manchester players.  Paul Hackett presented the trophy.


(Paul Hackett) Fiona Brown, Ollie Burgess, Michael Byrne and Hugh McGann

Jeff Smith, Fiona Brown, Ollie Burgess, Michael Byrne
Hugh McGann, Jackie Pye, John Holland, Alan Mould
Open Room

The open room during the fourth set

Garden Cities Trophy
The final of the Garden Cities Trophy was held at Solihull Bridge Club on Saturday 24th June.  Due to holidays and other absences Manchester Bridge Club had great difficulty in getting a team together.  Despite this Manchester Bridge Club managed to win this event for the fifth time in thirty years scoring 110 Victory Points out of 140. They won six and drew one of their seven matches.  The fifth win now equals the total of Coventry Bridge Club.  Well done to:- Jeff Morris & John Hassett, Bernard & Rhona Goldenfield, Michael Newman & David Debbage, Edward Levy & Rob Myers

This is the third win in the event for Jeff, John, Bernard, Rhona and Michael.

Edward Levy & Rob Myers have only played together on half a dozen occasions while Newman & Debbage last played a competitive game together exactly ten years ago in June 2007.

Garden Cities

John Hassett, Rhona and Bernard Goldenfield, Michael Newman
Jeff Morris, Dave Debbage, Ed Levy, Rob Myers

The selection committee has selected the teams below for the first two rounds of the NBL this summer and the team for the match against Derbyshire.

NBL Round 1 8th July
A1 at Keighley
A2  at Keighley
B at Bradford
C at  Manchester
Alec Smalley (c) - Tom Slater
Joy Blakey - Irving Blakey
David Barton - Leslie Klein
Neil Thomas - Nicholas Greer
John Roberts (c) - Peter Foster
Raymond Semp - Peter Jones
David Olliver - Adam Wiseberg
Tony Hodgson - Eddie Thornton-Chan
Roger Hopton (c) - David Fussell
Andy Green - David Sarabowski
Eve Lighthill - Sam Herman
Steve Mattison - Rod Franks
Victor Ridding (c) - Mary Green
Alan Tranter - Andy Burnett
Stephen Ward - Michael Wymer
Kevin Higgins - Richard Sinton
NBL Round 2 19th August
A1 at Bradford
A2 at Bradford
B at Manchester
C at Leeds
Michael Byrne (c) - Michael Newman
John Holland - Gary Hyett
Alan Mould - Rodney Lighton
Alan Nelson - Kath Nelson
David Barton (c) - Royce Alexander
Joy Blakey - Irving Blakey
Nicholas Greer - John Parsons
Bill Whyte - Joyce Whyte
Ken Hassell (c) - Adam Wiseberg
Howard Stubbings - Dhun Daji
Jeanne Bayly - Ron Bayly
Eve Lighthill - Sam Herman
Ann Farquhar - Gordon Bickley (c)
Steve Mattinson - Gillian McMullan
Marcelo & Elena Rosenbaum
Irene Davies - Karen Reissmann
Match versus Derbyshire Sunday 30th July at Manchester Bridge Club
Barbara Eastabrook / Karen Jones, Josh Clarke / Henry Bissell,  Elena / Marcelo Rosenbaum,
Ann Jordan / Joan Lewis,  John Moran / George Leigh, Kevin Higgins / Richard Sinton
Please note, these official selections will be confirmed via official invitations by the match secretary. If you don’t receive such an invitation for this match in the next few days then please get in touch, there may be a problem and you should contact the match secretary. Please do not contact the selection committee in the event of any problems.

European Open
The European Open Championships are being held at Montecatini, Italy from 10th-24th June.  Michael Byrne and John Holland from Manchester are playing in some of the events.  The event web site is here.
EBL Hall of Fame

EBL inaugural Hall of Fame
Benito Garozzo, Geir Helgemo, John Holland,
Apolinary Kowalski, Nicola Smith and Sylvie Willard

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